Monday December 4th, 2006 by edvar

Welcome to ContinentHopping.com! On this website we will show you everything about our trip around the world, which will start in February 2007.

The website is almost ready, so feel free to look around! More messages will follow soon! Of course, we will try to regularly write stories about our adventures on the other side of the world!


Thursday December 21st, 2006 by edvar

Did you know …

  • … that you can see our current location on the “Where are we now?” page? We hope to update this regularly. On the same page you can find the local time and the current weather conditions (refreshed every hour).
  • … that we offer the possibility to watch satellite images and road maps of locations like on the “Where are we now?” page? An example: click on the small icons to view the area near Edvar’s house in Zeist, The Netherlands, with Google Maps, Google Earth (has to be installed on your computer), MultiMap and MSN Virtual Earth: [GP:NL Zeist]
  • … that most parts of this website are available in two different languages, Dutch and English? Sometimes the English articles are a bit shorter. Just click on the small flags on the right to switch languages.
  • … that you can subscribe to our mailing list to receive an automated email as soon as we put new messages online? Check the menu on the right and enter your email address in the box below Mailing List and push the Subscribe button. You will soon receive an email to confirm your subscription. After that, you will receive an email when we publish a new article on the website.
  • … that you have access to 70 beautiful pictures from our trip to Peru in August 2006 at the “Photo Gallery“? Including a slideshow!

We are very curious about your first impression of our website and these gadgets, so please let us know what you think!

4 Responses to “Gadgets”

  1. Dion & Agata wrote:

    OLDEJEZUS ! (=Deventers), Edvar & Daniëlle, wat een REIS, wij vinden het fantastisch dat jullie dit samen ondernemen, respect hebben wij ervoor. Heeeeel veeeel plezier, geniet ervan, geniet van elkaar en kom veilig terug. Wij staan al op de mailing list en zullen jullie ervaringen met plezier volgen !

  2. Alf Tewes wrote:

    Hi Edvar and Danielle (still unknown to me, but that could be a subject of change in future years…),
    I find it very very fantastic, what you two young people are going to experience in the next 9 months to come. I´m already excited about your future reports. If I would be 20 years younger and without family-obligations and job-circumstances, I possibly would take the same decision. But …. (therefore I had to do my Around-The-World-Trip in 1992 within 16 days, which was also a once-in-a-lifetime-experience but with no doubt comparable to what you are going to see this year.)
    I already wish you both the very best and may you please not have to suffer with illness or accidents or so.
    May God always be with you and bless you both.
    Good luck and best regards
    Alf Tewes

  3. Wan Man wrote:

    Ha die Edvar en Danielle,

    Klinkt echt spannend wat jullie samen gaan doen. Als ik het niet beter wist dan zou het een bijna een wan-actie noemen ;-) Ik kijk al uit naar jullie spannende reisverslag en natuurlijk niet te vergeten de spectaculaire foto’s. Mocht er nog mooie charmante dames voor je lens komen, schroom niet om er een paar voor mij te schieten :-) Zorg goed voor elkaar en ik wens jullie een heel spannende reisavontuur samen.

    gr. Wan

    PS: De site is erg high-tech in elkaar gezet!!!

  4. Ira Schwartz wrote:

    Especially looking forward to hearing all about NZ, as I’ve long wanted to vist but haven’t yet gotten there. Bon voyage, my friend!

One month to go!

Sunday January 14th, 2007 by edvar

Just one month to go!!! :D Time really flies, that’s for sure! Fortunately, the preparations are going well. We recently got our mobile phone from TrendCall and we also got an account at Ekit (international phone card). Today we also went to a holiday fair, where we got some nice brochures.

Last week Daniëlle arranged the visa for Vietnam in The Hague. It just took 30 minutes (costs: 60 euro). Using the internet, we also arranged our hostel in Hanoi for the first three days, the “A to Z Queen Café Hostel”.

Regarding the website, a small bug was removed. And this is a good opportunity to test the mailing list ;)

2 Responses to “One month to go!”

  1. Sandra wrote:

    Hoi, hoi,

    Spannend hoor!! Veel succes met de laatste voorbereidingen!
    groetjes Sandra

  2. Marja wrote:

    Heeeee Danielle,

    Jammer dat we elkaar niet meer gezien hebben. Dan dus maar zo. Leuk die website! Uiteraard wens ik jou en Edvar het allerbeste met de voorbereidingen en natuurlijk ook de reis. Heel veel plezier en geluk samen.
    Ik ben reuze benieuwd naar jullie ervaringen.

    Lieve groetjes,


Tuesday January 16th, 2007 by edvar

As some readers are interested in photography, I (Edvar) thought that it would be a nice idea to give an overview of my photographic equipment. It’s not a professional one, but certainly a nice one for an amateur like me ;) . An overview:

  • Camera
    • Canon EOS 300D
      (I have the US-version, the Digital Rebel)
  • Lenses
    • Canon EF-S 10-22mm F3.5-4.5 USM
    • Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6
    • Canon EF 55-200mm F4.5-5.6 II USM
  • UV and polarisation filters for all lenses
  • CompactFlash 1 Gb + 2x 128 Mb memory
  • Tripper 20 Gb (= portable hard disk)
  • Small tripod
  • Batteries, adapters and chargers

Three lenses means a lot of space and a lot of weight. Because of that, it was my plan to buy a new lens, the Sigma 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC. The range is equal to my other two lenses, but of course, the quality won’t be so good (like light sensitivity). On the other hand, the Sigma lens has won some kind of “Lens of the Year” award in 2005. And that’s why I decided to buy the lens!

But unfortunately

… it seemed that the Sigma lens is not a good one :( ! Regarding sharpness and light sensitivity it’s fine, but the focal length is a little disaster. The problem is the fact that it’s not a real “200mm” lens. The closer the object is that you want to focus on, the worse the zoom factor (focal length) will be.

I did some tests by making several photos from fixed points using the Canon 55-200mm and the Sigma 18-200mm, both with 200mm as the focal length. See below for the results. Don’t look at the colours, darkness or sharpness (some are a bit unsharp), but only look at the focal length (= zoom factor).

First photo: focus on an object far away (around 150 meter).

Canon Sigma
Photo 1 - Canon Photo 1 - Sigma

The differences are small (look at the corners), but the Canon zooms in a little bit further. If you compare them, the Sigma will be around 185mm (instead of 200mm).

Second photo: focus on an object at an average distance (around 15 meter).

Canon Sigma
Photo 2 - Canon Photo 2 - Sigma

The differences are getting larger. If you compare the Sigma to the Canon, the Sigma is equal to 165mm (instead of 200mm).

Third photo: focus on an object at a short distance (around 4 meter).

Canon Sigma
Photo 3 - Canon Photo 3 - Sigma

In my opinion, the differences are pretty big. In this case, the Sigma is equal to 145mm (instead of 200mm)!

Fourth photo: focus on an object at a very short distance (2 meter).

Canon Sigma
Photo 4 - Canon Photo 4 - Sigma

The differences are huge! The Sigma is equal to 125mm (instead of 200mm)!!

If you look at the third and fourth photos, the differences regarding the zoom factor are huge. Too huge, in my opinion. That’s why I decided to return the lens (which was possible). It’s sad, as I now have to carry multiple lenses. But that won’t be a problem … ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Unemployed

Wednesday January 31st, 2007 by edvar

Today was our last working day and we now really are “Mr. and Mrs. Unemployed”!! We finished our projects, gave the final instructions to our colleagues, bought some cake and said good-bye to everybody.

But the end of our jobs also meant that we had to return our leased cars, our laptops and our mobile phones :cry: ! Ouch, we have to get used to that! No freedom anymore to take the car with us, so we now have to travel by train and bus …

Next is moving Edvar’s stuff to his parent’s house. Packing all his stuff in boxes, trying to sell some things on the net and throwing away all the garbage! Then moving everything to Almelo. After that job has been finished, it’s only a couple of days until the adventure really starts! And yes, we are really looking forward to it!!!!!!!

8 Responses to “Mr. and Mrs. Unemployed”

  1. Carbon wrote:

    Edvar and Danielle…

    We’re looking forward to following your adventure with great interest…! This first installment details the reality of beginning such an adventure. We wish you both the best of luck and look forward to more updates.


  2. Ira Schwartz wrote:

    Edvar- You were missed at Cavallino, but have a great trip! Tell Danielle that I’m looking forward to meeting her some time soon. Take good care.

  3. Denis wrote:

    Good luck for your trip around the our nice planet for you two.
    We’ll follow your progress on your website. This will be very interesting for us too …

    Denis (France)

    PS: Don’t forget to put some pictures of red cars you may see around the world…

  4. Yvo wrote:

    Mr. and Mrs. Freedom zul je bedoelen…geniet!



  5. pa &ma wrote:

    koos en toos werkeloos , pluk een roos , zet hem op je hoed , doe alles verder te voet , en houd je goed.

  6. erna wrote:

    koos en toos
    zijn werkeloos
    zij gaan nu maar vliegen en lopen
    en daarmee hun “spaarpot”slopen
    maar ook “wereldreiservaring”op doen is winst
    dus wel 8 mnd wegwezen, op zijn minst
    good luck en zonnig spoor,
    edvar en danielle ga er voor!
    hartelijke groeten van de thuisblijvers,maar….
    …op de voet volgers…hans en erna

  7. Arnold Buijs wrote:

    Hi Edvar,
    Fantastisch wat een reis. Veel succes en voorplezier.
    Ben benieuwd naar je gevoelens zo voor zo’n reis. Spanning, berusting, vrijheid, afscheid, etc (rare mix denk ik)
    Arnold Buijs
    (ex-Rabobank/freelancer nu bij ING)

  8. Martijn & Carla wrote:

    Beste Edvar en Danielle,

    De wereld is een boek. Wie niet reist, leest enkel één bladzijde.
    Wij zijn benieuwd naar de inhoud van jullie boek en hopen via deze website toch nog een paar bladzijden mee te mogen lezen.

    Fijne reis!!


    Martijn & Carla

Going away party

Tuesday February 13th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Hello everybody,

Edvar and I are currently in the library in Deventer writing the final email in Holland. Our backpacks are ready, the house of Daniëlle has been cleaned and Edvar’s stuff is stored at his parents house. Tonight our final meal will be a pizza, just one night of sleep and then we will take the train to Schiphol (major airport in Holland) and our plane over Singapore to Hanoi Vietnam our first country to explore. The duration of the flight will be approximately 16 hours.

Sunday we held a going away party at the house of the parents of Daniëlle and it was very nice to see everybody before the great trip. Thanks for all the lovely presents and the financial support, we will make sure we will use it for a good cause.

Big kiss and speak to you soon,

Edvar and Daniëlle

P.S.: For an impression of the party, see the pictures:

Feestje1 Feestje2 Feestje3 Feestje4

7 Responses to “Going away party”

  1. Ira Schwartz wrote:

    Have a great flight!

  2. Carbon wrote:

    Edvar and Danielle…! This is so exciting…! I hope the two of you enjoy your flight - it sounds like a long one - and your journey begins blissfully. Keep us posted and keep posting pictures…! Good luck…!

  3. Sandra wrote:

    Vanacht alvast maar lekker dromen over jullie vlucht. Vanuit Deventer heel veel groetjes en een goede gevlucht!!!

  4. Sandra wrote:

    Ga zo ook maar slapen…… Een goede vlucht bedoel ik natuurlijk!

  5. Yvo wrote:

    Goede timing om op een romatische dag als 14e februari deze reis te beginnen…geniet!



  6. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    He kanjer,

    Wij wensen jullie een goede reis!
    Beleef, geniet en ervaar!

    veel liefs juger en -tje

  7. Barry, Timon en Joyce wrote:

    Hallootje reizigers,

    En hoe bevallen de eerste dagen reizen?
    Hopelijk hebben jullie een goede vlucht gehad en kan het avontuur beginnen.
    Heel veel plezier.

    Groetjes Barry, Timon en Joyce

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