Brazil, Rio de Janeiro!!!!

Saturday May 19th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Our trip to Brazil was a long one, but we survived. Our plane left from Vancouver through Chicago, Sao Paulo towards our final stop Rio de Janeiro. Everything went smoothly and we arrived tired, but with all our luggage in this sunny city.

The funny thing was that apparently no terrorists try to enter the US from the direction of Canada, since we were not questioned about fluids, we did not have to pick up our luggage in between stops or what ever nonsense you can imagine.

At the airport of Rio we had to get to another terminal to find an ATM for a cashwithdrawal. Since our Portugese is not that great we tried four cashmachines, before we found one which really continues in English, when you ask it to, before we succeeded ;) .

Hopping on the bus we explained to the driver, who only spoke Portugese, with our Rough Guide, something different for a change instead of the Lonely Planet, where we wanted to be dropped off. At a certain point in time we got the feeling we had already past our stop. After searching for streetsigns and trying to find them on the maps in our Rough Guide, we found out that indeed we had passed it. Edvar approached the driver, who apologised and said that we indeed had past our stop. But no problem he would turn at the end and drop us off on the way back.

Fine, it took another hour before the bus reached its endpoint, but we enjoyed our sightseeing tour of Rio despite the fact we were pretty tired. But when we were at the end, we were ordered by another man to leave the bus since this was the end of the line. We tried to explain to him that we still had to go back, but no we really had to get out.

Our own driver returned and said that we had to pay for the trip, since we had past the gate. The gate seems to register the passengers and otherwise he would have to pay for our trip. We got a little angy, since we had a different agreement. After me emotinally raving half in Italian half in Spanish for a few moments, a very friendly Brazilian lady, who spoke English fluently came to the rescue and translated everything so at least we could understand eachother. After an unkind look of the man who ordered us out of the bus, we were able to get on without having to pay.

Did not really get the feeling that our driver had any problems with it, he was still very friendly, so I think it was nonsense that he had to pay for our ride. We were dropped of at the hotel as promised. The price of the hotel was twice as high as stated in our Rough Guide, so we decided to try and find a cheaper place to stay and we found a nice little hotel near the beach. We will be staying here for seven nights, which will give us time to relax, before we will be heading towards the Pantanal.

The food is really delicious, buffet where you pay per kilo, or lovely mixed grill. This morning we discovered the lovely breakfast in our hotel, which we will definitely enjoy for the days to come!

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  1. Ariena en Jan wrote:

    Hallo Edvar en Danielle,

    Wat een belevenissen allemaal, fantastisch. Canada is super mooi hoor.
    Ik heb al kriebels voor volgend jaar de vakantie, hahaha.

    Nog 4 dagen en dan is onze grote dag. Ik krijg er nu een beetje zin in. Ben heel benieuwd hoe iedereen eruit ziet en natuurlijk Jan ook. Morgen nog dagje werken. Mijn harde werker in huis tot donderdag. Woensdag en donderdag heb ik nog een to do lijstje en dan moet alles gaan lukken. Het mooie weer is ons gezind. Het wordt waarschijnlijk 30 graden. Ik mag dus niet zeggen dit is te warm, hahaha.
    Jan heeft al bedacht op de pijpen van zijn pak af te knippen en ik maak van de jurk een mini jurkje. Nou Daan dan weet jij hoe die eruit ziet. Zodra ik foto’s heb mail ik ze jullie. Geniet van Brazillie kom even lekker bij. 31 mei vertrekken wij naar Afrika. Ben heel benieuwd hoe mooi het daar is. Dikke kus en knuffel van Jan en Ariena

  2. Herman Kleinmeulman wrote:

    Hallo Danielle

    Ik hoorde van jou vader dat je samen met je vriend een wereldreis aan het maken bent.
    Ik heb op de website gekeken. Wat een avontuur. Geniet er allebei maar van.

    Groetjes oud collega Het broekenhuis Raalte

Lovely warm in Brazil? No way, it is winter!

Monday June 4th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Rio de Janeiro…..beautiful beaches, palmtrees, lovely warm weather, wouldn´t you think? But no, my skirts and tops will remain where they are in my backpack. When the sun is out, it is lovely warm, but when a cloud appears the cold sets in immediately. So trousers and sweaters it is.

My face and arms and my neck are nice and brown, but the rest of my skin is white as milk. Due to the changing temperatures Edvar and I both catched a cold. I am pretty much over it, but Edvar is still coughing a little bit.

Rio was nice and relaxing, we read a lot and slept a lot, we probably needed it. A lot of people we met during our trip mentioned that you should have a break after three months to empty your head, so it will be ready for all the new impressions to come. Both Edvar and I feel a little bit overwhelmed with all impressions of the last months.

Sugerloaf              Corcovado

So we decided to slow down and relax in Rio. We visited the centre to get a haircut. No one can do this as well as Mom can, Edvar would have liked it a little shorter. But Brazilian hairdressers are quite impressed by blond hair and try to cut it as little as possible. Which was fine with me since in the Netherlands they often cut of too much, but here they just cut the dead ends and not a millimeter more.

To be able to get the lonely planet from Madagascar we visited quite a few bookstores and in the end succeeded. The Brazilian people are very helpfull and friendly, communication is sometimes difficult, because our Portuguese sucks and their English is not that great either, but with the use of hands and feet we manage to understand each other. I think I got that from my Dad, don´t worry if what you say is exactly right, just keep talking and you will manage to get what you want. We also sent home a package to make sure all our pictures are save and to get rid of the weight of some books.

After a week in Rio we left to visit the Pantanal, a swamp area with again a lot of animals (birds, cayman, monkeys, armadillos, giant otters, foxes, some kind of raccoon, deer and snakes) to spot. Our guide Mario at the lodge knew a lot, but took it quite far to please tourists, he caught an armadillo and a cayman. We thought this was not really ecological and animal friendly, so we talked to him about it. That you can also approach animals in a different way was demonstrated by Sandros who was our guide at the campsite. He was able to approach the animals with the group up close by being quiet and relaxed without scaring the shit out of the animals. Due to the cold weather we were not able to see the anacondas and the anteater managed to be unseen aswell.

We participated in the following acitivities: a jeep safari, a stroll through the swamp, horse riding, a boattrip along the river and fishing for piranha´s. The walk through the swamp was torture to the untrained feet of the tourists, who are definetly used to a lot less than the locals feet. Most people in our group had wounds and cuts under their feet from walking through the water that almost reached your groins.

Danielle and her pet         Cowboy

We had a very nice group of people at the lodge: Per a Canadian guy (with a Norwegian father), James and Jenny from Londen, Chris from America and Allison and Robert, who used to live in the Netherlands for a while, but now in England. In the evening we played a cardgame Bullshit with the group which was quite funny, but most of the time we would hit the sack early, since we had to rise and shine early every morning.

The lodge was fine, a little primitive and with a cold shower brrr. Edvar got sick the second evening and got a fever, so he decided to skip the piranha fishing and stay in the warm cosiness of his bed. Apparently I catched the same cold as Edvar, but luckily not as bad as him. The third day we moved from the lodge to the campsite. Since all the tents were occupied the only possibility left for us was to sleep in the hammock, which was not that great since we both already were not feeling that well. Thermal underwear, ski trousers and jackets on, with an additional blanket, but it was still cold. Luckily we were able to get a tent the second night which was much warmer and we slept a little bit better.

Cayman    Fever

After five days of the same food we were happy to get back to civilisation and a warm bed in Campo Grande. The next day we took the bus to Iguaçu Falls. We will be staying here for at least five nights, hope that Edvar will get rid of his cold and visit the falls on both the Brazilian and Argentinian site. Yesterday we visited the small zoo, where we saw two magnificent jaguars and a lot of other animals, the entrance was free to our surprise.

Brazilians really have a sweet tooth, at breakfast you can eat all kinds of sweet cookies and even complete chocolate pies. Luckily you can also eat bread with ham or cheese or a piece of fruit, which will prevent me to gain ten pounds. Yesterday we discovered a channel on the televison where they spoke German and English, a big relief after the dubbed Portugese movies we were exposed to lately. We watched Jurrasic Park and CSI, which was nice since, we had not watched television for quite a while. After Iguaçu Falls we will head on towards Sao Paulo, where we will stay, until we fly on to Madagascar.

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  1. Marieke wrote:

    Hallo dan wereldreizigers,

    Het is lange tijd stil geweest van onze kant maar we volgen jullie wel trouw hoor! We kunnen ons voorstellen dat jullie even een minibreak nodig hadden want al die indrukken achter elkaar valt niet mee. Jammer dat jullie een beetje geplaagd worden door verkoudheid. Hopelijk is daar ondertussen een einde aan gekomen en kunnen jullie er weer helemaal tegenaan. Hier gaat alles z’n gangetje. We zijn druk bezig met de voorbereidingen voor de vakantie en het her-ininrichten van de tuin. Alleen maar leuke dingen dus. Verder werken we natuurlijk ook nog eens af en toe. Helaas zitten alle vrije dagen als hemelvaart ed er nu op en is het nog een 2 maanden aan de bak voordat de vakantie begint. Maar dat gaan we wel overleven en verder verlekkeren we ons een beetje aan jullie verhalen. Veel plezier nog en tot mails!

    Dikke knuffel Bas en Marieke

    p.s. nog bedankt voor de verjaardagskaart!

  2. Wan Man wrote:

    Hoi continenthoppers!

    Hoezo winter in Brazilie? Dat dacht ik destijds ook toen ik met hartje zomer in Europa naar Australie afvloog. ;-) Een mini-break is geen slecht idee. Daarna staan er nog vele leuke bestemming voor de boeg. Hopelijk is het geen winter in Madagascar. :-( Verder nog beterschap toegewenst en veel vitaminen en levertraan slikken.

    gr. Wan

    PS: goede actie trouwens dat jullie de gids Mario hebben aangesproken over zijn onverwoord ecologisch gedrag!

  3. Julius Jacob wrote:

    Hi Danielle and Edvar,
    I hope you remember me, we kayaked together in NZ (Abel Tasman National Park.)
    I just fiinished reading your Brazil blog and it looked like you had really fun despite being sick. Our last stop was Argentina which was great and we did make to the Iguazu Falls too. What an amazing place !!!!
    You can see our photos at “”

Magnificent force of nature and a trip with the train

Monday June 11th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Our lovely hotel in Iguaçu Falls (Foz do Iguaçu) was really perfect, lovely bed, nice breakfast and a television with a proper English channel, a lovely spot for Edvar to get rid of his cold. The little town was very quiet, especially on Sunday and on the national holiday, internet was nearby and there were nice restaurants. The pizzajoint had great pizzas, which we enjoyed two times. The Japanese restaurant was also very nice with great Japanese service performed by Brazilians ;) and large mugs filled with sake. The “Biergarten” did not have Bratwurst, but the meat was delicious.

The trips towards the falls both on the Brazilian and Argentinian side were easy to arrange ourselves, which was nice, since this saved us the money to book a tour. The Brazilian side was very impressive, whow, I have seen my share of falls in my lifetime, but these really exceeded all of them. Falls as far as the eye can see. Soken wet by the mist, but it was a sunny day so that did not spoil the fun.

Iguacu Falls - Brazil     Iguacu Falls - Argentina

The Argentinian side was at least as, I believe even more impressive. You can get really close to the falls and near “the throat of the devil”. The name is a good description of the force of water violence you can see over there. Edvar is uploading the pictures right now and I wonder if they captured the views well. Of course the sound and the mist makes it even more spectacular. Passing the border was not much more than getting a stamp from the Argentinians, the Brazilians do not seem to mind who gets in or out of the country. Another country mentioned in our passports, you almost get the tendency to start collecting them ;) .

The falls are located in a national park, but you are not able to see many animals because of the crowds, except butterflies, coatimundi (sort of raccoon), agoutis (large rodents) and wild guinea pigs. The coatimundi were searching for food in the trash bins, which was a pitty. At our last day in Iguaçu Falls we decided to have a look at the Itaipu Dam, world´s largest hydroelectric powerplant. With 14 GW, this dam deliveres a quarter of the electricity of Brazil and ninety procent of the electricity of Paraguay, which is quite a lot.

After our stay in Iguaçu Falls we decided to make a stop at Curitiba, before we would head towards Sao Paulo. Curitiba is a nice little town and we strolled around it and visited a park filled with cages, mainly with parrots. We both got a little mixed feelings at the park, since we prefer to see them in the wild. In the end we were able to enjoy our German Bratwurst in Curitiba afterall.

Curitiba     Train to Morretes

The next day we catched the train towards Morretes, this is supposed to be a nice idyllic trip with the train, passing by steep canyons, ending in a nice little town called Morretes. Unluckily we were seated at the wrong side both ways, but we were clearly less impressed with the view than the Brazilian passengers. Probably due to the fact that there are not many trains in Brazil, which makes a trip with a train special in the first place and we are probably too spoiled ;) . The town was nice and we had a good time.

The next day we got up early to catch our bus towards Sao Paulo, where we arrived safely. In the evening when we were heading for a restaurant, we were surprised by a lot of people in the streets. Quite a few couples of the same sex and a bunch of transvestites. The atmosphere was friendly so in the end we had fun watching people and were able to get something to eat at a shabby little place. Apparently the gay parade had taken place in Sao Paulo that day, which explained a lot. For instance why I was asked if Edvar was my brother and Edvar got a lot of attention from some guys ;) . Of course I can imagine why, since he is a very sexy man, but he is mine ;) .

Today we spend half the day trying to get our laundry done, since the washing machine and dryer did not really work that well, but in the end our laundry is reasonably clean and dry. Only a few days left in Sao Paulo, maybe we will visit the zoo and the Ferrari dealer. Thursday we will be flying to Madagascar and we will already be halfway our trip in days and once around the globe, since we will have passed Amsterdam again.

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  1. Hein wrote:

    Mooie foto’s weer. Ik dacht dat ik in Ijsland indrukwekkende watervallen had gezien, maar valt een beetje in het neits toen ik dit zag.
    Geen steak gegeten trouwens, in Argentinie?
    gr, Hein

  2. Per wrote:

    Hi Edvar and Danielle! I’ve finally made it back to Ottawa and have enjoyed reading your updates and looking at your great photos of our time in the pantanal. I’ve ’saved as’ a handful of Edvar’s pictures, (including the sneaky one of me on the bridge!). Hope you two enjoy the rest of your trip, and keep shooting away at 7 mp! Great to meet you guys, and take care. Per.

    PS. if you care to read some of my impressions of my trip, you can visit my own blog at

  3. John Kottier wrote:

    Danielle, Edvar,

    verbazingwekkende foto’s
    er lijkt geen einde aan te komen

    wat een geweldige reis!

    John Kottier

  4. Julius Jacob wrote:

    Hi Edvar and Danielle! We are glad to see you also made it to Iguazu. We were so lucky to see it last month during the rainy season when it is flowing at top speed and volume. It looks like it was the same for you! Mom was also there with us and lasted only two minutes at Devil’s Throat before turning back. Dad did not come to Argentina but it was good. I think the Falls would have been too scary for him!

    Good Luck with your continuing travels! We will try to e-mail Tanzania tips soon, now that we are back home.

    All the Best, Sara and Julius

  5. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    he kanjers,

    Sorry sorry het was alweer een tijdje stil van deze kant….maar we zijn jullie niet vergeten hoor. De verbouwing slokt hier een hoop tijd op en dan die buik die nu toch echt in de weg gaat zitten en je naar je lichaam moet gaan luisteren. Erg moeilijk moet ik zeggen en soms ook erg frustrerend. Maar goed het schijnt erbij te horen. Inmiddels 15 kilo zwaarder en mooie eibuik haha. Ik word ook steeds vergeetachtiger moet ik naar de verloskundige in wezep rij ik gewoon naar epe echt van dat soort domme dingen gelukkig kan ik er nog steeds om lachen. Al met al inmiddels aangekomen in week 32 en bijna 33 ga je toch wel merken dat je zwanger bent. Sporten gaat de ene week beter dan de andere week maar het einde gaat wel in zicht komen. Nog 3 weken werken en dan verlof, ik kijk er wel naar uit.

    De verbouwing gaat de goede kant op. Alle muren staan er, de wc is aangesloten en we hebben maar besloten dat we de muren laten spuiten, dat scheelt ons een hoop tijd en zoveel duurder als zelf gaan behangen of structuurverf smeren is het niet. En hunnie doen het in één dag en wij zijn 4 dagen zoet. Volgende week komen ze de muren doen en dan lijkt het gewoon al af hmmmmm wel een heerlijk idee moet ik zeggen. Dan kan de afwerking beginnen.

    Voor de rest hobbelen we hier aardig door. Met paps en mams gaat het goed. Mams begint wat dikker te worden van de pretnison en pa is toe aan vakantie en dat heeft die dan ook lekker over 2 weken. Tim praat volop. Die houdt zijn mond eigenlijk gewoon niet dicht. Jesse is onwijs bewegelijk, die kan niet stil zitten op schoot daar word je gewoon moe van haha. Zet hem in zijn wipstoel en hij wipt zo anderhalfuur weg haha de schat.

    Heerlijk om te lezen dat jullie jullie nog steeds vermaken, al wou ik dat jullie af en toe gewoon hier waren, maar die tijd komt weer steeds dichterbij. De foto’s zijn schitterend!
    Kan alleen maar zeggen blijf genieten!

    Liefs juger en wonder

    ps aaaaah we hadden namen voor de kleine al helemaal klaar, maar muts ju gooide er nog even een andere naam doorheen en nu zitten we in dubio heerlijk joh hahaa

  6. Anja en Freek wrote:

    Het was vast niet leuk om 22 kilometer met die rugtassen te lopen, maar ik heb wel ontzettend gelachen om het verhaal. Ik zag het helemaal voor me! en dan toch proberen een taxi te krijgen voor jullie laatste geld. Ik zie zo voor me hoe je dat hebt gedaan, Daan.

    Jee, Madagascar al weer. Bewoners schijnen enorm aardig te zijn, dus dat gaat helemaal leuk worden!

    Hier in Nijmegen gaat alles goed. Heb net mijn laatste tentamens van dit (school) jaar achter de rug. Over een week nog een hele praktijkweek (daar gaan mijn vakantiedagen) en dan begint onze wereldreis! Helemaal naar Frankrijk….
    We gaan lekker twee weken kamperen in Bretagne. Enorm veel zin in!

    Buiten beginnen donkere wolken zich samen te pakken. Dat zal wel weer een onweersbui worden. Snel de was naar binnen halen dus!

    Geniet van weer een nieuw land, nieuwe avonturen en nieuwe toetsenborden!

    Dikke kus,

Shit hit the fence!

Saturday June 16th, 2007 by Daniëlle

A trip around the world, what a great adventure! Our last days in Brazil I was thinking, it is not really a big deal, everything is working out according plan, no trouble so far. Maybe I tempted faith by thinking these thoughts, because things started to go not as planned……

Our last two days in Brazil we visited the Ferrari dealer and the zoo as planned. We enjoyed both days. In the zoo it seemed that we were an almost bigger attraction than the animals. A lot of schools obviously decided to visit the zoo at the same day we did and everywhere we went we were gazed at, followed or approached by these schoolchildren, which was really funny.

Since it is supposed to be rather difficult to get cash in Madagascar, we decided to get some dollars in advance in Brazil. Easier said than done, since banks are only allowed to sell dollars to Brazilians not to tourists. The only way to get dollars was to get Reals from the ATM and change these Reals to dollars. At one of the banks they wanted to charge 30 Reals (ten euros) commission and see our tickets first to make sure we would leave the country soon. After seeing six banks and touristoffices we managed to arrange it without commission at a touristoffice.

At our last day we checked out early and had six hours to reach the airport and make our flight. We wanted to take the subway and than the final part with the bus, which would be much cheaper than a taxi or the airportbus. This would leave us with some Brazilian money to get a snack at the airport.

Heading towards the subway station we noticed it was very busy with traffic and people on the streets. Arriving at the station we discovered why. The subway personnel decided to strike on our day of departure! Brazilians are very helpfull and told us the stations would probably reopen at one o’clock.What to do wait or start walking?

The bus we needed would leave 5 subway stations further and traffic was terrible in the city centre, so grabbing a cab or the airportshuttle did not really seem a good solution either. In the end we would first need more cash to be able to pay for them anyway. The weather was nice so what the hack we started walking. Half the city seemed to walk and the tour would pass by the other subway stations anyway, so if they stopped the strike we could still be able to catch the subway and we had enough time.

We ended up, sooking wet from sweat with two bruises on my hips from my 22 kilo backpack, walking 5 subway stations to reach the Bresser subway station where we should be able to catch the bus. But the bus did not leave here, but at the mainroad where we just came from, approximately a 15 minutes walk back, nice pointed out writers of the Rough Guide!

Edvar sat down in despair. I thought maybe I can get a taxidriver to bring us to the airport from here for the remaining 31 Reals we have. No, was the first reaction I got, this will cost you 70 Reals, sorry but I only have 31, for 50 I am willing to take you, sorry but than we will take the bus…. The third taxidriver probably thought, ah what the hack I am not sure I will be able to catch a ride here anyway, I will probably have a bigger chance at the airport and this sweetheart took us to the airport!

In the end all ends well and we got on the airport and catched our plane in time, with no money left for a snack. At the airport we were not able to use our creditcard, so we ended up hanging over a waterfountain in the toilet and hoping for a good airplane meal. Bye bye Brazil, Madagascar here we come!

We safely arrived in Madagascar, unluckily without our luggage, which we hope to retrieve on Sunday. Our mobile phone does not work here and typing on a French keyboard is not easy, but for the rest we are doing great!

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  1. Annette Heinen wrote:

    Hallo lieve mensen!

    Wat een avontuur! Ik wil jullie laten weten dat ik met veel plezier de meeste van jullie verhalen lees en geprobeerd heb een email te versturen, maar dit ging klaarblijkelijk mis. Hier is alles prima: kinderen doen het erg goed en HJ en ik hebben samen nog steeds veel plezier. Wel minder spannend dan bij jullie natuurlijk.

    Veel liefs en veel gelukkige momenten voor jullie!
    Annette, Hansjurgen, Melissa en Lukas

  2. Natalja Marcuk wrote:

    Poor, poor guys,
    How stressful, I can imagine after I had a bad experience in Brazil myself! I was robbed by a huge Brazilian with a knife.

    But it’s perfect that you’ve managed to catch the plane. So, sorry for cliché, all is good what ends good!

    Greetings from Holland! It’s nice and sunny and not stress (after I left serono)

    Btw: Danieltje, het laaste nieuws van serono: Anne Marie en Axel krijgen binnekort een baby (dat hoor ik van mijn buurvrouw, je weet het wie)!

    Nou, heel veel success en geluk verder met jullie reis!!!!!


  3. Moniek en Rob wrote:

    Hé hallo Daan en Edvar,

    Jemig, alweer over de helft en de hele wereld al rond geweest. Wat gaat dat hard. Voor ons wel leuk, maar voor jullie minder waarschijnlijk. Wat zien jullie toch veel mooie dingen in korte tijd. Jullie hebben Sao Paolo noodgedwongen ook goed te voet kunnen bekijken. Wat zullen jullie gebaald hebben, maar ja het zou ook gek zijn als alles in dat soort landen vlekkeloos zou verlopen. Hier rijdt het openbaar vervoer al niet eens op tijd.
    Hier gaat alles verder heerlijk zijn gangetje. We hebben het lekker druk met allerlei feestjes en werk en de tijd vliegt. Aan sporten kom ik de laatste tijd helaas te weinig toe. Moet ik echt weer even goed oppakken. Nog even en we gaan op vakantie naar Frankrijk (duurt nog 6 weken, maar toch). Heb ik echt zin in. Met Lisanne gaat het harstikke goed. Ze heeft echt een groeispurt gehad en haar haren beginnen nu een beetje lang te worden, waardoor het al echt een dametje wordt (met bijbehorend ijzersterk eigen willetje). Ze begint ook steeds meer te kletsen, dus dat is super gezellig.

    Hopelijk bevalt Madagascar jullie geweldig en kunnen jullie hier eindelijk de zomerkleren te voorschijn halen. Er zullen vast weer heel veel mooie dingen te zien zijn, die jullie dan weer schitterend vastleggen op camera. Wij genieten heerlijk mee.
    Nou, veel plezier daar en zorg goed voor elkaar.

    Dikke Kus,
    Moniek (en van Rob en Lisanne natuurlijk)

  4. sandra wrote:

    Hoi, hoi,

    Goed om te lezen dat jullie het erg naar jullie zin hebben! Ben benieuwd naar jullie foto’s van Madagascar!
    Take care!

    groetjes Sandra

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