From Tanzania warm and dry to Mumbai India heading right into the Monsoon!

Saturday August 4th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Drip, drip, drip, I am sitting soaking wet behind a computer in an internet cafe in Mumbai India to update you on our latest adventures. Just before we entered the cafe the skies opened and the rain came pooring down on us and although we had an umbrella sponsered by the pharmaceutical industry we are soaking wet. But as Dutch people we are used to our share of rain and overhere it is lovely warm compared to Holland and I am sure we will get dry again.

On Zanzibar we saw the red colobus monkeys and the Sykes Monkeys (black monkeys) in Jozani Forest. The monkeys were nice, but the park is not really a big deal. We did see a green treesnake, which moved away quickly the moment it spotted us.

Our day on the beach on Mangapwani, a lovely white sandy beach just above Stone Town, was very nice. We had lunch at the nice restaurant and got a nice teint, again we spotted a group of Sikes monkeys (black monkeys).

The ferry (Seabus) from Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam went well, only the large waves made the journey seem more like a roller coaster ride. The bumping was not really appreciated by a lot of passengers, including Edvar, who looked a little white around the nose and some even needed to vomit. Luckily Edvar was able to keep his breakfast down ;) . My jacket was given a dump in the ocean when they unloaded our luggage, but it survived and looked as good as new after I gave it a shower in our hotelroom.

In Dar Es Salaam we sent another package home to Almelo, so we got rid of some weight from some guide and reading books. Meanwhile we already bought the Lonely Planet of Nepal and China and a new reading book, so the kilos lost are now regained :) .

Our flight from Dar Es Salaam to Johannesburg in South Africa went smoothly and I had a nice conversation with an American/South-African couple Kevin and Rose and watched the movie. In Johannesburg we were introduced to an English couple travelling around the world, but only the other way around than us. We exchanged some experiences about the Trans-Mongolian Express and Madagascar.

After a good night rest in Johannesburg we continued our flight to Mumbai. During the flight the ”fasten seatbelt signs” went on regularly, because of the bad weather and therefore the turbulence. Edvar had a déja-vu, but luckily it was not as bad as with the ferry. When we arrived in Mumbai Edvar’s luggage did not arrive, which was a bummer, hopefully we will get it back on Sunday morning. The cables to upload the pictures are in there as well, so we will upload them another time.

Mumbai is a busy town, but with a very nice ambiance, beautiful buildings and we like the country India so far. The people seem nice and friendly and willing to give a helping hand when asked. Although they tend to twist the truth once in a while and will not easily admit if they do not know something. For instance they try to sell you an old version of the Lonely Planet. Or another example: our taxidriver we took at the airport said he knew where our hotel was, but in the end it seemed that he did not, and we were already in the wrong part of town, probably also because he didn’t speak very good English.

During this taxiride, while the rain was pouring hard, we got into another car that managed to bring us to the right hotel. In the car we met two other Dutch girls, already travelling for three weeks in India, who had been trying to get a hotel, but did not succeed, because most hotels were full, because of an ongoing congress. We were lucky, because our planned hotel had a room available for four people, where we were able to get some sleep at five o’clock in the morning.

The Dutch girls Patricia and Shira had planned to travel through India for six weeks, but after three weeks decided that this was not their country and they wanted to go home. But after spending two days with us, they decided to give the Northern part of India a chance anyway. Ladies if you read this please let us know how you are doing!

Meanwhile we managed to get ”Trains at a Glance” from India and now it should be easy to plan our trips by train. The next step will be to find out if we will be able to get the tickets just as easy, but first we will wait until we retrieve our luggage. Today we did the Lonely Planet city tour and the ladies are on their way towards the airport to arrange a flight to Jaipur. With a little luck we will manage to catch a train towards Jodhpur ([GP:IND Jodhpur]) on Sunday or Monday. We are still doing great and neither of us has any trouble yet with the “delhi belly” (diarrhea), which is famous in India.

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  1. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    he kanjers,

    Hmmm regen neeh dat hebben wij hier de afgelopen weken echt niet gehad, haha. Ik moet zeggen ik vond het niet zo erg dat het weer hier niet super was. Hoe warmer het wordt hoe meer vocht ik vast ga houden. Ik word dan net zo’n bessie turf. Momenteel is het hier dus wel warm en volop zon…. nog even, als de kleine inderdaad de 8ste komt dan mag ik niet klagen. Alle dames van zwangerschapsgym die op 14 aug waren uitgeteld hebben inmiddels allemaal een kleine. Het kan raar lopen, die van ons zwemt nog vrolijk rond en heeft geen zin om vast te in de bekken te gaan liggen. Vorige week naar het ziekenhuis geweest om te kijken of daar een reden voor was. Er was niets aan de hand, maar wel weer de kleine op de echo gezien….jaaaaaaaaa we hebben haartjes gezien echt lachen.

    De verbouwing schiet al aardig op, intussen ben ik aan het schilderen geslagen dus ook de rest van het huis is bijna klaar haha. De kinderkamer is helemaal klaar, het bedje is al ingeslapen door Jesse. Wij slapen ook weer boven, wij moeten alleen nog een klerenkast zien te scoren. Gerben is nu druk met de badkamer ik zou het wel heerlijk vinden om na de bevalling te kunnen douchen zonder dat ik naar beneden hoef te lopen.

    Het verlof bevalt me prima, mis mijn werk niet eens, zegt wel weer genoeg denk ik.

    Geniet in Inda en we kijken uit naar jullie volgende beleving.

    liefs juger en wonder

  2. Yvo wrote:

    Hallo Edvar,

    Even nieuws over iets heel anders. Het 330 GTC artikel met je foto’s is gepubliceerd in Cavallino #160 van August/September.
    Heb ik net per e-mail vernomen van onze vriend John Barnes.
    Wie weet is er nog een exemplaar bij de lokale kiosk te vinden.

    Enjoy your trip.



  3. Marcel Wallenburg wrote:

    Hallo globetrotters!

    Fantastische site, prachtige reis!
    Het leven is mooi, ook zonder Ferrari’s

    Je leeft maar één keer, fijn dat jullie er optimaal van genieten!


  4. Leonie en Bas wrote:

    Wij zijn jullie kaartje niet verloren en het een heel mooie site. Leuk om, foto’s te zien van een ander op een plek waar je zelf net geweest bent! Wij zitten nu in mcLeod ganj, bij het huis van de Dalai Lama. Eindelijk een dagje niet zweten hier, gewoon een aangename 25 graden en een zonnetje! Heerlijk! Onze kamelen dorpjes tocht was ook erg leuk. Twee nachten onder de prachtige sterrenhemel geslapen. Toen door naar Jaisalmeer, waarschijnl ook nog 1 dagje toen jullie er waren , maar elkaar niet meer tegen gekomen. Daarna met de nachttrein naar Bikaner en gelijk door met de bus naar het Noorden, naar Amritsar. Prachtige gouden Sikh tempel en natuurlijk de grensceremonie bij de Pakistaanse grens gezien. Een paar duizend mensen aan beide kanten, die beide roepen dat hun land het beste is en met een hoop ceremoniele soldaten met grappige pasjes (monthy python is er niets bij!).
    Veel plezier in Agra en Varanasi. Wij sliepen daar bij Assi ghat, in het gali ? river view guesthouse. Simpel, met een prachtige uitzixht op de ganges, lekker rustig en heel vriendelijk. Je kan je laten ophalen vanaf het station voor 100 rps. Wij vonden het erg fijn om ’s ochtends de hassle van de riksjas links te kunnen laten liggen!

    Veel groeten,

    Bas en Leonie

India: Friendly hard working people, structured chaos!

Wednesday August 15th, 2007 by Daniëlle

India is a very impressive country. The country does not seem to look like any other country I ever visited. The people are friendly and work hard for a living. Sometimes you see very rich features, like for instance a Rolls Royce (530.000 euro), but also a lot of poverty. The cities are very crowded. Riksjas (Tuk Tuks), both bicycle and motorised tricycles, seem to easily find their way through all the other traffic. The honking of the horns from the riksjas, motorcycles and scooters sometimes can make you almost deaf.

In between you see cows lying or walking down the streets. Streetchildren and beggers are also a common sight. In between you see a lot of mutts. Also you see a lot of cows, donkeys, horses or Arabian camels towing carts. It is a miracle we have not seen any major accidents happening yet.

Tuk Tuk         Camel Cart

Other animals that can be seen within the cities are for instance chipmunks. In Agra you can also see monkeys on the rooftops and sitting in the internetcafe we just saw an elephant walk by. Due to all these animals and people there is a lot of garbage and faeces on the streets, which attract a lot of ants and rats. The rats crawl between the railroad tracks and you can see about six of them within a few square meters.

Through all this movement you can still find some kind of structure and efficiency in India which I can truly admire. If you ask a person for help, they are eager to help you and arrange things in a minute. The problem is everyone wants to arrange everything for you, so sometimes you just feel like a taperecorder, repeating itself all the time saying ”No thank you”. After a day in India you are almost more exhausted then after a hard day of work. Luckily we are pretty relaxed after six months of travelling, so you do not drive us crazy easily, but I can imagine that if you come to India after a year of hard work for a relaxing holiday, you want to go home within a week ;) .

The weather is warm and moist (except in the desert), which makes you feel warm and sticky very quickly. Due to the dust and the exhaust fumes your clothes do not really feel very clean after a day, but since we do not have that many clothes and we do not want to do the laundry every day, we just wear them another day. We delivered our laundry to our hotel this morning, so with a little luck we will soon have a backpack with clean clothes again :)

Edvar’s luggage was delivered on Sunday morning in our hotel in Mumbai, so we were able to catch the train to Jodphur the same day. The trains in India are fine, we took the 3AC class, with for Edvar a little bit too short beds and there was a delay of one and a half hour, but for the rest the trip was fine. On the internet ( it is easy to book your tickets to the next town. On the carriage you can find your own name in English and in Hindi. A strange sight you see when you arrive at a trainstation in the early morning is that half of the indian people seem to shit and pee near the rails at this time of the day.


The Indian food is kind of spicy, which is fine for a few meals, but we just seem to like other food better. The menu seems to be the same in every restaurant, so that is a pitty. Since we both love a nice piece of meat, India is not really our country in respect of the food since most meals are vegetarian. Although diary products like yoghurt and milk are easy to retrieve in all types of shakes for instance “Lassis”.

After six months of travelling some of our personal belongings are starting to wear out. My slippers did not survive our trip around the world, which of course was a nice excuse to buy some new ones in Jodphur, which of course ended up in two pair of nice new Indian shoes. Climbing an Arabian Camel cart caused one of my trousers to tear open. Edvar’s already worn out shoes were covered with fungus, because they apparently were not completely dry when put in the backpack after the rainfall in Mumbai. One of Edvar’s T-shirts will probably never regain its natural colour light blue after our sweaty desertsafari in Bikaner.

Rings      Sandals

After buying the shoes my selling fever kicked in and I bought a pair of bracelets for 20 roepie (40 eurocents). Afterwards Edvar and I bought our engagement rings for 13 euros, I do not believe its real silver, since our fingers turn black/green, but just for fun they are great.

In Jodphur we visited, together with the ladies we met in Mumbai (Shira and Patricia) and Bas and Leonie, the Fort and went to diner in the evening together. While we were waiting at the clock tower I tried to teach some streetchildren some Dutch hand clapping games and they tried to teach me their Hindi version. We had a lot of fun until the police came which made the children vanish in an instant.

Jodhpur      Mehrangarh Fort

From Jodphur we took the train towards Jaisalmer, a dusty trip through the desert. At first we were not able to find our seats, eventually after being pointed in the wrong direction three times we found them. In Jaisalmer we also visited the Fort and had a drink with a very nice jewel salesman, who would have loved to sell us some rings, but we already had those ;) . We walked towards the lake and visited the puppet theatre, which was not a real success, since we were the only two visitors, we could not hear the story and the music was the same the whole time.

From Jodphur we took the bus towards Bikaner, where we booked a two-day desert Safari. We were accompanied by Mommy and Baby (6 months old) Arabian Camels and Daddy Arabian Camel in front of the cart. Our camel drivers were Harphool, Mangilal and Bhagi Rath. Lovely trip to escape the city. The sunset was nice, only the ten village children accompanying us kind of killed the romance. At night we viewed the sky for falling stars and were able to do a lot of wishes. We slept on the ground and awoke semi covered by the sand, but for a night this was kind of funny. I also learnt a Hindi song from Harphool and I tought him two Dutch songs :).

Camel Safari      Rat Temple

After our Safari we visited the rat-temple, very extraordinary. In Bikaner we visited the Fort with an offical guide and since everything in India seems to be done at top speed, we have the feeling we have not seen half of it. In the evening we took the train to Agra where we will remain the next few days visiting the Taj Mahal, Fatehpur Sikri and the Keoladeo Bird Park.

6 Responses to “India: Friendly hard working people, structured chaos!”

  1. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    he kanjers,

    Dominique heeft heerlijk liggen luisteren naar jullie belevenis! Ze gaf een mooie glimlach.

    Hahaha passen jullie wel een beetje op met dat geld uit geven, voordat je het weet is het op.

    Geniet en reis ze!

    liefs juger en dominique

  2. Rik Jan wrote:

    He Edvar en Danielle, ik vroeg mij eigenlijk af of de kans er nog inzit dat wij elkaar treffen in Kathmandu? Ik kom er 29 september aan. Volgens mij komen jullie dan of terug van de Everest regio, of jullie zitten al in China. Mocht je nog tips willen over slapen of trektocht regelen in Kathmandu, dan hoor ik het wel.

    Groet RIk Jan

  3. sandra wrote:

    Hoi, hoi,

    Leuk om weer jullie verhalen te lezen! Al die ratten op straat lijkt mij wel wat minder…… Laatst heb ik het gepresteerd om tijdens het werk 2 keer een muis in mijn overall tegen te komen. Niet prettig, mijn kleren en laarzen vlogen door de lucht. Hier in Nederland gaat alles gewoon door. Het weer is nog steeds niet echt zomers, maar dat mag de pret niet drukken. De bruiloft begint er nu echt aan te komen en dat begin ik te merken. Toch af en toe even zo’n vlaag van: hebben we dit wel geregeld…. enz. dan zijn jullie vast gewaarschuwd. Maar het gaat vast goed komen, we hopen gewoon op een beetje mooi weer. Stoppelhaene staat volgende week weer voor de deur. Op donderdagavond komt Krezip en nog een aantal andere artiesten zoals Jannus. (Niet dat je daar dus echt wat aan mist). Dat gaat vast wel gezellig worden. Met Marieke heb ik afgesproken om even de kermis te bezoeken. Daan, zullen we volgend jaar weer onze traditie van het bezoeken van de kermis op Stoppelhaene voort zetten, want dat zal ik missen dit jaar.

    Heb nog veel plezier daar!
    Take care!

    Liefs Michiel en Sandra

  4. sandra wrote:


    Leuke foto’s.
    Jullie zijn wel heel erg bruin……

    Liefs Sandra

  5. vinod bhojak wrote:

    I am vino from Bikaner . you did camel safari with us I am very happy to see your website.

  6. Gertie Voskamp wrote:

    Edvar en Daniëlle

    Een mooi reis verslag.

Homesick? Not yet, but our thoughts seem to wander of to the Netherlands once in a while….

Sunday August 19th, 2007 by Daniëlle

No, neither of us has problems with being homesick. Although a lot of things are happening in The Netherlands, which we have to experience from a distance. The birth of lovely little children (Simon, Lynn and Dominique), weddings (Jan and Ariena, Judith and Gerben and of course in the near future of Sandra and Michiel). Of course we knew these things would happen before we left, but still I really would like to see those little ones in true life and hear all the nice stories from the weddings in person, not only experience them from the of course very nice pictures everyone has sent us.

With a little luck my house at the “Raamstraat” is sold on the 12th of October (if the buyers are able to arrange it financially). Jarno and Marion offered their home to us for a month since they will probably be on holiday at that time. But this means we need to find a new place to stay in or around Deventer. Edvar regularly receives emails from people who think he should get back to work ;) . Which of course is very nice, since we both feel like we want to get back to work after 8-9 months doing nothing.

Another big disaster is that I am going to miss Stöppelhaene (big festival in my birthtown) this year. I will miss catching up with everyone and the fair and our traditional ride in the carousel. Girls, I promise next year I will be there until the late hours!

We are not complaning, since everything seemes to be going quite well at the homefront, luckily no events have occured which have led to us returning prematurely (knock on wood). But in our thoughts we have the feeling we started our way home and are thinking how we will get our lives in order when we are back in the Netherlands.

Our visit to India has almost ended, since with a lot of luck we were able to book a flight for tomorrow to Kathmandu in Nepal. Our visit to the Taj Mahal on Independence day (15th of August) was definetely worthwhile. According to us the Taj Mahal has earned her spot on the list of seven worldwonders.

Taj Mahal

In Fatehpur Sikri we enjoyed wondering around the ghosttown, but really were bothered by the ”salesman/touts/guides/students”. In the end I asked a boy if he had ever been hit with a lonely planet and then he finally got the message. After this we could fortunately cool down at the Keoladeo National Park, where we enjoyed some nice birds and animals from our rented bicycles.

After Agra we took the train to Varanasi. During the train trip we encountered so much low life, we finally tried to get some sleep with one eye open after tieing all our bags together.

Ganges River

In Varanasi we did the boattrip on the river Ganges and picked a fight with the boatman, who tried to earn some money from us in not really a nice way. To my opinion the true culture and religion of India is probably found off the beaten track. In Varanasi everything is so built on tourism, it just does not feel right. For instance we were asked to get out of the boat to look at the cremation stacks up close. I decided to stay in the boat, since I would not really appreciate a bunch of strangers walking into my own funeral or cremation. In summary we are ready for a new country, so Nepal here we come!

7 Responses to “Homesick? Not yet, but our thoughts seem to wander of to the Netherlands once in a while….”

  1. Anja wrote:

    Hey bikkels!

    Niet te veel met Nederland bezig zijn hè? Gewoon nog ff genieten van alles en op de laatste dag mogen jullie aan Nederland gaan denken (welkom in mijn droomwereld. Hihi)

    Gisteren trouwens veel dieren gezien die jullie ook in al die verre landen hebben gezien. Namelijk in de Beekse Bergen! Had vrijgezellendag van Kim. Zij gaat op dezelfde dag trouwen als Sandra en Michiel.

    Kreeg nog een berichtje van Marieke en Bas vanaf IJsland; het is daar 5 graden…..Okay, het is hier geen zomer, maar altijd nog beter dan die 5 graden in Iceland!

    Nou, vulle wille in Nepal! Gaan jullie de Mount Everest beklimmen???



  2. Anja wrote:

    ps (die ps heb ik van Sandra geleerd. Zie reactie hiervoor)

    Die foto waarop jullie de verlovingsringen laten zien zijn is echt iets voor op een trouwkaart! Hihi.

  3. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    he kanjers,

    Nee nog niet aan Nederland denken, nog gewoon even lekker genieten. Voordat je het weet zit je alweer in Nederland en draai je zo weer mee met de dagelijkse dingen.

    Hier is het flink zoeken naar een ritme en regelmaat. Gelukkig heeft Dominique een nachtritme gevonden waardoor we redelijk kunnen slapen. Overdag is ze nog zoekende. Wat wel erg leuk is is dat ze steeds meer wakker is. Je ziet haar ogen dan alle kanten opschieten.

    Bij mij zijn gelukkig er alweer heel wat kilo’s af, maar de vorm van mijn lichaam is ver te zoeken jippie olé ben net zo’n vierkant. Donderdag gaan we lekker op vakantie even er tussen uit. Als we thuis blijven blijft gerben alleen maar aan het klussen en dat is niet de bedoeling.

    Gerben was echt toe aan vakantie, hij kijkt er dan ook helemaal naar uit om lekker te gaan genieten met zijn 3en. Hij is van de week met Dominique onder de douche geweest echt een gaaf gezicht, genieten deden ze beiden hmmmm.

    Wat heerlijk joh dat je huisje zo goed als kwaad verkocht is. Weet je ook aan wat voor een mensen? jong of oud? stel? man? of een leuke vrouw voor je buurman?

    Geniet nog lekker van het reizen en tot horens….

    liefs juger en een glimlach van Dominique

  4. Barry, Timon en Joyce wrote:

    Hoi hoi, zou super zijn als jullie je appartement hebben verkocht. Ook wel weer leuk om een nieuw stekje te zoeken.Zo te lezen vermaken jullie je nog uitstekend en zijn we nog steeds jaloers als we al die mooie foto’s zien. Hier gaat alles prima, onze kleine kerel wordt al weer bijna 1 jaar.Groetjes van ons drietjes

  5. Jan en Ariena wrote:

    He lieverds,

    Geniet nog even van jullie reis en klinkt allemaal zo fantastisch. Het verbaasde mij wel dat het huisje waarschijnlijk verkocht is. Ik dacht dat gaat niet meer gebeuren.
    Samen in een nieuw huis beginnen is ook leuk. Wij hebben het trouwalbum ontvangen. Super mooie foto’s. Ik ben er heel trots op en Jan ook natuurlijk. Ivo heeft hele mooie dvd voor ons gemaakt. Ben er nu toch heel wijs mee. Je hoort en ziet dingen dat je denkt oh gebeurde er dat. Als jullie hier weer zijn dan moet je maar gauw een keer komen kijken. Nou zou jullie nu ook wel in levende lijven een knuffel willen geven.
    Dikke kus Ariena en Jan

  6. Moniek en Rob wrote:

    Hé toppers,

    Hier ook eindelijk weer eens een berichtje van onze kant. Ik had na de vakantie ook even wat bij te lezen zeg. Klinkt weer helemaal geweldig, maar inderdaad, nog niet bezig zijn met de terugreis en je leventje daarna, want voor je het weet zit je er weer midden in en denk je met weemoed terug aan de reis. Nog ff volop genieten dus en de rest komt wel weer. Wij kijken wel uit naar jullie thuiskomst.
    Hier gaat het allemaal prima. Lisanne’s 2e verjaardag was erg gezellig en ons dametje genoot van alle aandacht en vooral cadeau’s. Onze vakantie in Frankrijk was erg lekker. Via Parijs waar we een paar dagen zijn geweest, zijn we naar de Atlantische geweest. De temperaturen waren niet tropisch, maar de zon liet zich regelmatig zien en we mogen dan ook absoluut niet klagen.
    Nu maken we ons op voor het Stoppelhaene weekend. Zal wel weer gezellig worden. Het weer lijkt mee te vallen, dus ik ga morgen ook maar gezellig met Lisanne bij de optocht kijken.

    Dikke knuffel van ons alledrie

  7. Julius wrote:

    You guys look tired but almost there, we’ve settled down already and keep working evey day.
    Take Care Julius and Sara

Nepal, on top of the world!

Monday August 27th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Our flight from India to Nepal was very exhausting, due to the enormous chaos we encountered at the airport of Varanasi. Believe me, we have not seen anything like this during our trip around the world! The check-in counter opened too late, which caused people pushing and shoving eachother, because there were too many people with too much luggage and therefore not enough space. After a lot of manual checks and other stuff the plane departed too late, which did not really surprise us. After a short flight the relaxing atmosphere and organisation at the airport of Kathmandu was quite a relief. The visa we were able to achieve easily for 24 euros.

Both Edvar and I were kind of exhausted, due to our trip in India. In Nepal we let us be taken to a hotel the “Pilgrim Guest House” by some guy we met at the airport. Since the hotel was nice and Bhupendra seemed like a trustworthy guy, we decided to book our complete trip in Nepal and our grouptrip towards Tibet (which you have to do through a travelagency anyway) with the same guy (Bhupendra Adhikari, The Great Adventure Treks & Expeditions). To be honest it is kind of nice to travel in an ”organised” way for a while.

The Nepalese people are really friendly and they really know customer service and Nepal is a cheap travel destination. Until now we really enjoy travelling in Nepal and Nepal might end up as the second best country on our trip around the world (Canada is still number one). Nature is wonderfull and although there are some similarities compared to India, Nepal is a lot nicer and quieter.

After relaxing for a day in Kathmandu we decided to do some citywalks. Kathmandu is a nice town with a lot of nice little courtyards with nice stupas and little temples. Wandering around Durbar Square is definately worthwhile, the only thing I think is a pitty is that the impressive buildings are built too close to eachother.

Stupa                       Statue

Unaware of the man approaching me, while reading my Lonely Planet, I was given a red dot on my forehead and got flowers thrown over my head, this was supposed to bring me good luck, but of course only if I paid the guy some money. Edvar just had enough time and was tall enough to prevent getting a red dot on his head and his reaction and mine made it clear to the two guys they were not going to get any money from us.

After Kathmandu we left towards Chitwan National Park, we stayed in the little town Sauraha, at the Jungle Safari Resort for four days. Again the people were very friendly and the different activities well organised (canoe trip, jungle walk, bird watching, elephant riding, visit elephant breeding centre, cultural show, visit to the village and the jeep safari). The food was very good and every day a different menu.

In the morning of our first day it was raining so we were not able to see a lot of animals, but in the afternoon we were able to see the rhino (even three of them, second day another one), which we missed in Africa, ofcourse the species with only one horn ;) . During the other days we spotted different types of deer (spotted deer, sambar deer, barking deer), crocodiles (marsh muggers and gharials) and different birds, for instance a nice stork (blue with yellow and white) and during our second trip of bird watching (Very nice, especially organised for us, because there were not many birds to be seen due to the rain on our first trip) a nice mongoose and stables with male elephants with large tusks.

Rhino      Elephant Riding

The Asian elephants were really amazing. The beautiful view you have from the back of an elephant is really great. You also feel a lot safer, than during our jungle walk between metres high grass on both side of a slim track, knowing the area you’re walking in is also inhabited by tigers, rhinos, bears and wild elephants. Climbing the elephant during the elephant bathing was also great fun, just grap the fellow by its ears and put your foot against its trunk and before you know it you are lifted up in the air, so you can climb on the elephants back.

Elephant Bathing           Climbing the Elephant

The elephant breeding centre was also very informative and the little elephants really cute. We were attacked by “the little bitch”, who was kind of angry since she did not get any food from us. Some of the little ones have not been chained yet and this lady was walking around freely and believe me, when there is about 200 kilo coming straight towards you, you have no problem stepping aside. Our guide clearly had experience with this kind of adolescent behaviour and gave her a firm hit on the head. Though several blows were necessary before she decided to return back to her mother and leave us alone.

Neither Edvar nor I are really charmed by the different “cultural shows”, we encountered often unwillingly during our trip around the world, for instance when you are enjoying your meal or sitting in a bus and have nowhere to run to. But we both really liked the show we watched in Sauraha, which was well organised, very professional and with humour and therefore we rewarded the show with a tip.

Yesterday we took the bus from Chitwan to Pokhara and we will stay here for a few days, before we leave for a baby trekking (Ghorapani (Poon Hill) to Ghandruk loop) for six days. After the trekking we will stay a few days in Pokhara, before we go back to Kathmandu. On September the 8th we will head from Kathmandu towards Tibet. In Nepal we are not able to get a connection with our mobile phone, so we can not be reached. For everyone who has already enjoyed their holidays, tell what it was like and ofcourse I am curious how you enjoyed Stöppelhaene?

4 Responses to “Nepal, on top of the world!”

  1. Rik Jan wrote:

    Kleine reactie, in Kathmandu en Pokhara heb je zeker wel bereik met je mobiel, tenzijn je aangesloten bent bij de provider RiessenAir ofzo… Het kost je wel klauwen met geld. Je kunt beter vanuit je hotel voor ongeveer 90 roepies per minuut bellen. Leuke verhalen!

  2. Jeroen Nijs wrote:

    Hier bij OHRA vinden we het allemaal leuk om jullie belevenissen te volgen. En de foto’s zijn zeker de moeite van het bekijken waard. Nog veel plezier op jullie wereldreis.

  3. Annette Heinen wrote:

    Wat een verhalen kun jij schrijven Danielle! Ik weet een nieuw beroep voor je. Onze vakantie was heerlijk. Is alweer 4 weken geleden maar we kijken er nog steeds met heel veel plezier op terug. Ik heb geen bijzonderheden te melden. Werken blijft inspirerend en thuis loopt alles fantastisch en onze kinderen zijn gewoon de liefste!!! Tot snel!

    Liefs, Annette

  4. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    He kanjers,

    Ja onze vakantie zit er weer bijna op. We zijn er een weekje tussenuit geweest om even de verbouwingstress te ontlopen en lekker met zijn 3en te genieten. Het is ons ook wel goed bevallen alleen hadden we last van een spookje twee nachten lang haha. De kleine meid doet het goed ze gaat alleen steeds meer huilen terwijl er voor zover wij weten niets aan de hand is en wanneer je dan onwijs moe bent en er even helemaal doorheen zit dan kan je aardig gek maken. Maar die glimlach van haar maakt een hoop goed. Borstvoeding begint me nu aardig tegen te staan, denk dat ik daar maar een einde aan ga breien, over op de fles.

    De verbouwing schiet op het einde is in zicht jippie ole. Gerben maakt morgen de badkamer af. In onze vakantie heeft de vader van gerben de trap wit geverfd, onwijs gaaf geworden. Het laatste kamertje moet nog afgemaakt worden maar die laten we even voor wat het is. Die maken we leeg zodat we wel onze rotzooi erin kwijt kunnen.

    Nou zoals wij jullie kunnen volgen vermaken jullie jullie prima. Om eerlijk te zijn kijk ik er wel weer een beetje naar uit om jullie in levende lijve te zien….mis jullie onwijs!

    geniet nog lekker van de reis en tot het volgende verslag

    liefs juger en dominique

Up the mountain and down the mountain, just like a couple of mountaingoats!

Tuesday September 4th, 2007 by Daniëlle

In Pokhara we walked up to the World Peace Pagode. First we took a small rowboat to the other side of the lake with a stop at the small island in the middle to take a look at the Varahi Mandir (Hindu temple). After a nice climb up the mountain with a lot of nice birds and butterflies on the way we arrived at the World Peace Pagode. On top of the mountain we gained a new friend, a German dog named Rambo 2, who loved to walk along with us as our adoption dog until its worried Nepalese owner came to take him back home. We walked back taking another route and visited the Devi’s Falls, a nice waterfall.

Varahi Mandir           World Peace Pagoda

Yesterday we returned safely from our six day trekking from Naya Pul to Phedi with overnight stays in Tikedungha, Ghorapani, Tadapani, Ghandruk and Dhampus.

  • Day 1: Pokhara (915 m) to Naya Pul (1050 m) by car. From Naya Pul (1050 m) to Tikedungha (1577 m).
  • Day 2: From Tikedungha (1577 m) to Ghorapani (2675 m).
  • Day 3: Because of the weather we skipped the climb towards Poon Hill (3232 m). From Ghorapani (2675 m) to Tadapani (2675 m).
  • Day 4: From Tadapani (2675 m) to Ghandruk (1950 m).
  • Day 5: From Ghandruk (1950 m) to Dhampus.
  • Day 6: From Dhampus to Phedi (1113 m) and back by car to Pokhara.

The trekking was really nice, passing small villages and wonderful nature. Especially the waterfalls were very impressive. Unluckily because of the rain during the afternoon on the second day, the third day and the last day, we were not able to take a lot of pictures and skipped our trip to Poon Hill, because the view would only consist of clouds.


The first day I felt a little tired and when we arrived at the place we would spend the night I got a fever. So I hit the sack early and luckily felt much better the next morning. To my regret I seemed to have passed the fever on to Edvar at the end of the second day.

Only Edvar did not seem to get rid of his fever as easily as I did and the problem is he kind of looses his appetite when he is sick, which is not really a good thing when you have to get up and down mountains for five to six hours every day for six days in a row. But although slower than normally my superman was able to finish the trekking. He felt slightly better when the time passed and at the last day I have declared him a healthy man again :).

Our guide Babu Ram Karki (website: email: is a very nice guy to hike with through the mountains for six days. During our trip we met a few other tourists, but not many since it is still off season. Due to the rainy weather we missed out on the spectacular snowcapped mountains, which were hidden behind the clouds. We only were able to get a few glimps of the Annapurna South (7273 m) and the Hiunchuli (6441 m). We met two English ladies (Chirsty and Becky), with whom we spend some nice evenings chatting.


During the trip we were accompanied by a few Nepalese dogs, because of course I had been too friendly again. Edvar said I really had to watch out, because otherwise we might end up with another adoption dog ;) .

When we were picked up by our taxi at the end of our trekking we heard about the bombings that took place in Kathmandu. In November there will be elections in Nepal and these kind of stupid terrorist acts were claimed by some small ethnic groups who try to sabbotage the elections. Nepal used to be a monarchy and has a temporary government right now, which will be replaced after the election by a new hopefully stable government, which will hopefully be able to improve the situation in Nepal.

The tourist season in Nepal starts in September and chances are high the bombings will effect the amount of tourists travelling towards Nepal. It is a shame that a country with such friendly inhabitants has to suffer and will have problems to develop itself, because of a few idiots. Nepal really depends on money earned from tourism.

2 Responses to “Up the mountain and down the mountain, just like a couple of mountaingoats!”

  1. Marieke wrote:

    Hallo daar!

    Eindelijk weer eens een berichtje van ons. Het wordt wel een kort berichtje want ik moet zo naar de training. Heb net veel plezier jullie verhaal over de trekking gelezen. Jammer dat het weer wat minder was maar desondanks klinkt het erg goed. Knap ook dat jullie het hebben volgehouden ondaks de koorts. Zaten er echte kuitenbijtertjes bij of ging het nog wel redelijk geleidelijk omhoog? Wij hebben de kuiten ook redelijk getraind tijdens de vakantie. Om wat te zien in Ijsland moet je toch wel regelmatig de berg op. Trouwens ook een echt fantastische bestemming. Misschien wat voor de huwelijksreis……….
    Stoppelhaene goed overleefd (behalve vrijdag overdag want toen was ik goed ziek van de drank). Het was natuurlijk wel minder gezellig zonder jou maar dat mag je volgend jaar dan in gaan halen! Na vakantie en Stoppelhaene nu alweer anderhalve week aan het werk en ik zit al helemaal weer in de dagelijkse sleur. Tip dus voor jullie om echt volop te blijven genieten want als je thuis bent dan zit je zo weer in de beslommeringen van alledag.

    Heel heel heel veel plezier nog. Doe voorzichtig en wees lief voor elkaar!!!!!!!!!!

    Liefs Marieke en Bas

  2. Michel (bovenbuurman) wrote:

    Hoi hoi,

    Hoe raar kan het lopen?? Ik ben op zoek naar reisinformatie over New Zealand en kom via via op de site van mijn benedenbuurvrouw waar het het laatste halfjaar wel heel erg rustig is ;)

    Ik vind het erg leuk om je/jullie belevenissen te lezen en ik doe er nog inspiratie op voor nieuwe vakanties ook!! Ik zie dat China/Tibet nu op de planning staat. Daar ben ik vorig jaar een maand geweest en vond het helemaal super!

    Natuurlijk wens ik jullie nog veel plezier en veel nieuwe avonturen. Aan het schema te zien gaat dat wel lukken!!


Some roadblocks due to landslides, but in the end we were able to reach Tibet!

Monday September 17th, 2007 by Daniëlle

On 8 September early in the morning we were picked up in Kathmandu to walk to our bus, which would drop us off on the border between Nepal and Tibet/China. With an international group (1 Australian (Michael), 1 French (Marie-Laure), 2 Americans (Kate and Linda), 2 Germans (Markus and Steffi), 1 Canadian (Julie), 2 English (Rachel and Tom), 2 Israelians (Shirly and Lea) and 3 Dutch people (Maroesja, Edvar and I)) we entered the bus on our way to the border. Our breakfast was in the rain and the road got slowly worse afterwards.

The funny thing was that everyone had booked their tour at a different travel agency in Kathmandu and prices and itinaries did not seem to match (different hotels, different sightseeings). Although the final tour would be organised by one organisation Greenline.

In the bus our Nepalese guide Mac handed out a piece of paper with some additional information for the journey. Regretfully this was rather late since at the moment of departure you did not really have time to arrange the recommended: 100 dollar cash, warm clothes, sleepingbag, suncreme, sunhat, sunglasses and sportive shoes. For us in the end it did not really matter, because we had all our luggage with us since we would not return to Kathmandu. So a suggestion for Greenline, put this form on your website, so each travel agency in Kathmandu can print it out and inform their people appropriately when they book the tour to Tibet.

At one point the road turned really bad and we ended up at our first landslide. Since the distance was not that far we carried our luggage ourselves. People who used porters to carry their luggage had to pay 200-300 Nepalese roepies. Having reached the other side of the landslide safely we were told there was another landslide further ahead and that we had to pay 500 roepies per person to pay for transportation to the border. If we did not want to pay we would not be able to reach the border in time and the distance was to far to walk. It really felt like blackmail.

In the end after a lot of discussion we compromised on 150 Nepalese roepies to the second landslide and 150 Nepalese roepies, when we would reach the border. Really funny that there did not seem to be a second landslide afterall. When I confronted our Nepales guide, he said it was the river we crossed, but of course that was rubbish since this river always crosses the road. Since he darn well knew he was ripping us off, he walked away quickly to avoid any further confrontation with the difficult Dutch woman. Of course it is rather strange that you have to pay extra for transportation, because of a landslide, since you have paid for transportation all the way to Lhasa and landslides are really common on this track. The bus who drove us until the landslide obviously used less gasoline than planned.

The organisation at the border was also really chaotic and crossing the border took much longer than I think was necessary. If you let people fill in the health form first, it will safe you some time. The luggage was decontaminated at the border with some kind of machine. After crossing the border our Nepalese guide was not able to track down our Tibetan guide so we had to wait again.

After a very busy day we finally managed to reach Zhangmu with the jeeps at the end of the afternoon. Since our Tibetan guide was not able to arrange a travel permit yet for our group and the office was closed we had to wait again. In the end he succeeded in arranging the permit afterall, but decided it was now too late and we would be better of spending one night in Zhangmu. Next morning we had to get up early to make it past a check point before five o’clock. After an hour drive we ended up at our second landslide which was much worse than the previous one.

After sleeping a couple of hours in the jeep, we were woken by a second landslide passing over the spot where the landslide blocking our way already was. I really started wondering how save the spot where we were standing with our jeeps was……. In the end the decision was made to head back to Zhangmu. The communication about when we would be able to pass the landslide was rather unclear, which caused a lot of people to get irritated. Since this was not really a situation where complaining would really help, we just decided to go with the flow and wait what would happen.

After spending three nights in Zhangmu we drove with a long row of jeeps towards the checkpoint hoping the road would be open at the end of the day. At the checkpoint the irritation between our Tibetan jeepdrivers and the Chinese soldiers almost got out of hand. Finally the road seemed to be clear, but we had to wait for all the traffic coming from the other side to pass first, before we were allowed to start driving. At the end of the afternoon of our fourth day we finally were able to continue our journey.

All the waiting did create a nice bonding within our group, which really was great. Our group was expanded by now with two Russian ladies, two Spaniards, three French, two Germans and three Americans who already live for quite a while in Nepal.

Our guide Tempa and our jeepdriver Tenzin stayed friendly and cheerfull eventhough the circumstances were not optimal, in the end it was not really their fault, so compliments guys! The fourth night we spend in the village Nyalam. The fifth night in the village Shigatse, where we visited the monastery and walked the Cora (pilgrimswalk around the monastery) and visited the old town, because on request of Julie we were allowed to stay a little longer in the village. We managed to find an ATM here which did not only have the explanation in Chinese.

Due to the height and the high passes, Edvar and I both had trouble with altitude sickness. I was very tired and sometimes dizzy and Edvar also had a headache. Due to the fact we were both tired and had altitude sickness we picked our first fight together during our trip around the world, but do not worry we made up with eachother immediately!

After Shigatse we drove on towards Lhasa, where we spend two nights. The program (Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery and the Potala Palace) for Lhasa was all stuffed in one day, due to our delay, which caused us to miss the visit to the Jokhang temple, but we will probably visit this temple today. The group demanded a refund for the missed sightseeing, but we did not agree, since we think it was not a situation that was caused by our guide or the travel agency, so we told Tempa we did not want our money back.

Our first impression of Lhasa was not quite what we had expected, because in the area of our hotel most shops were selling porn. Lhasa is a very modern city, with neon ads all over the place and high buildings. Banks are also open on Saturday and you can get money at the ATM’s easily, especially inside the bank where there is a guard present. The Chinese food is really great for instance the Peking Duck and the Chinese Hot Pot, so we are really enjoying that.

In China some websites are blocked, including our photowebsite Flickr. So we are really sorry, but you have to wait until we are able to upload the pictures. Tonight we will take the train from Lhasa towards Xining, where we will try to arrange a train as soon as possible towards Chengdu and if that is not possible towards Xian. Chengdu and Xian are both planned destinations, before we leave towards Beijing, where we hopefully will succeed in arranging the Trans Mongolian Express, the email towards the consulate is on its way, so hopefully we will receive a response soon.

4 Responses to “Some roadblocks due to landslides, but in the end we were able to reach Tibet!”

  1. Sjoerd wrote:

    Dus niet echt de Lhasa zoals we die kennen uit ‘Seven years in Tibet’ ;)

  2. Moniek en Rob wrote:

    Hé wereldreizigers,

    Jeetje wat zijn jullie al lang weg en wat hebben jullie toch enorm veel gezien. Het einde begint nu echt wel aardig in zicht te komen en dat vinden wij natuurlijk niet zo erg.
    Hier gaat alles zijn gangetje. We hebben weer veel leuke en drukke weekenden achter de rug met Stoppelhaene, de vrijgezellenfeestjes en de bruiloft. Deze waren allemaal bijzonder geslaagd. Als het goed is komen de Newly Weds morgen thuis van hun Honeymoon.
    Mijn buik begint al behoorlijk in omvang toe te nemen en af en toe denk ik dat ik al iets voel. Ik ben nog wel wat moe, maar mag verder niet klagen. Morgen ga ik maar eens op zoek naar aangepaste kleding. Lisanne is zoals altijd het zonnetje in huis. Ze begint zo lekker te kletsen, echt heel gezellig en je lacht je dood. Genieten dus!

    Nou, veel liefs weer van deze kant.
    Rob, Moniek en Lisanne

  3. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    He kanjers,

    Hmmm ik ooit eens ergens gelezen dat Lasha bestaat uit een hotel met honden die ’s nachts de hele boel wakker houden. Zodra je Lasha verlaat er dan niets meer te doen is. Ik zit ondertussen hard te denken wat de titel van dat boek was, doet er ook niet toe. Als jullie jullie maar lekker vermaken en zo te lezen doen jullie dat nog steeds.

    Hier komen we langzaam weer met twee benen op de grond en nemen weer deel aan het dagelijks leven. Komen we erachter dat er nog meer is dan ons 3en haha. Dominique doet het goed en vindt het nog steeds leuk om ’s nacht nog even wakker te worden voor een fles. Papa en mama vinden dat wat minder. Ik probeer het nu te rekken met de speen. Ze begint steeds meer te lachen en te reageren.

    Beetje bij beetje gaan de kilo’s er af jajaja kan alweer wat eigen broeken dicht krijgen heerlijk gewoon. Ik ben die zwangerschapskleding helemaal zat. Vanmiddag naar de verloskundige voor de evalutie en dan mag ik weer lekker aan het sporten, pfff moet me er dan wel toe gaan zetten, want ik ben bang dat mijn conditie 0,00 is. Ik keek er al die tijd naar uit om te mogen gaan sporten nu het zover is….hahaha

    Geniet nog lekker van het reizen!

    liefs juger en dominique

  4. Shira wrote:

    Hoi daar!
    Hier dan eindelijk een berichtje van ons (die twee chagerijntjes uit Mumbai;)). Heb inmiddels alle verhalen gelezen, echt hartstikke leuk om jullie zo over de wereld te volgen!
    Wij zijn trouwens een paar dagen eerder naar huis gegaan, terug in mumbai werden we allebei heel ziek en we konden geen fatsoenlijk hotel vinden (jaja alles beneden de 70 euro zat weer eens vol), dus zijn we wat eerder naar huis gevlogen. We zijn daar op het vliegveld en in nederland nog naar de dokter geweest die ons beide vertelden dat we een darmparasiet hadden en een hele lading pillen meegekregen. Patricia loopt nog dagelijks over te geven (dat duurt dus nu al meer dan een maand), maar het gaat steeds beter!
    De reiskriebels zijn toch wel doorgezet trouwens ondanks onze twijfels haha. Voor volgend jaar hebben we al weer allemaal wilde plannen en we willen eigenlijk ook nog steeds Varanasi zien (en Nepal en Tibet natuurlijk).
    Wel jammer dat jullie daar ziek zijn geworden, hopelijk gaat het nu beter en kunnen jullie nog volop genieten van het laatste deel van jullie reis. Lijkt me echt een belevenis die express! Hoop dat het een beetje meezit met alles regelen, dat is geloof ik niet de sterkste kant van Azie zo te horen ;)
    Veel succes en plezier en tot het volgende verslag:)
    groetjes en liefs Shira en Patricia

Who persists will conquer, Russia here we come!

Saturday September 29th, 2007 by Daniëlle

In Xining we succeeded in arranging a trainticket towards Chengdu for the next morning, so of Xining we did not see much more than the hotel near the trainstation. In Chengdu we spent the first day wandering around the town. Chengdu is also a very modern city, but nice enough to walk around for a day.

The second day we went to the Panda Centre in the morning to admire the Giant Panda and the Red Panda. Pandas are smaller than the black bears we saw in Canada, but especially the little ones are really cute.

In Chengdu we stayed at Sims Cozy Guesthouse and we spent the afternoon reading some Dutch magazines which were left behind by some previous guests. In the evening we jumped in the train towards Xian.

In Xian we spent the end of the afternoon and the evening of our first day leaving a lot of footsteps in again a big modern city. Around the Clocktower and the Drumtower there was a lot of activity and people on the streets, which created a nice atmosphere. Our next stop was the Big Goose Pagoda where we went to view the fountainspectacle, the biggest in Asia. Again a lot of Chinese people came to watch the spectacle aswell.

The next morning we visited the Terracotta army, which was impressive. They are still busy in digging up statues, that are still under the collapsed roof, nice to see. Afterwards we had to hurry to catch our next train, which left for Beijing at three o’clock in the afternoon.

Monday we arrived in Beijing and tried to find someone to get us traintickets and a Visa for Russia. We were not very successful, because Monkey Shrine can only arrange the visa in Hong Kong, because they do not seem to be real good friends with the Russian Consulate in Beijing. They would not be able to get our passports back in time, because of the National Holiday starting at the first of Oktober.

At CITS and BTG they could not sell us traintickets unless we already had arranged the Russian Visa ourselves. Both a little grumpy of our unsuccessful wandering through half of Beijing, we decided to head for Mc Donalds for a hamburger. Afterwards we decided as a last resort to sent an email towards hoping they might be able to help us with the invitation letter and voucher from a Russian Tourcompany we needed to get the visa.

The next morning we got up early to check our email and we received a not really encouraging email, saying that the consulate in Beijing normally does not allow a copy but needs the original invitation letter and voucher. They would be able to sent it to us in five working days, but then it would already be the first of Oktober and the consulate would be closed. They advised us to contact the Russian consulate.

At a quarter to nine we arrived at the Russian consulate and at 11:00 o’clock it was our turn with number 25. Yes, indeed it seems to be so busy sometimes, that numbers are handed out to keep the crowd quiet, since the Chinese are very good in queue jumping, luckily the Russians do not seem to like this either, because everyone who tried was sent back immediately.

The Russian lady was very friendly and said that in this case a copy of the email would be sufficient and that we should also make a copy of our Chinese visa. Tuesday afternoon we arranged all the paperwork (necessities see consulate in Beijing:

* Orginal Passport
* Copy of your Passport
* Copy of your Chinese Visa (Since we have a paper permit, because of Tibet)
* Filled in applicationform (You can download it from the Russian website)
* One Passport size photo
* Invitation letter and voucher from a Russian Tourorganisation (For sale at Inform them how you plan to travel, plane/train and at which places you intend to stop/stay and how you enter and leave Russia.
* Proof of proper Health/Travel insurance, which also covers Russia (Travel Insurance are not always valid when you travel for a longer period than three months, or are only valid in Europe, we have a travel insurance at Delta Lloyd with world coverage and we are allowed to travel for a year). Copies of your health insurance pass (back and front) are sufficient.

Wednesday we payed another visit to the consulate and were able to get our visa the same day at eleven thirty for 82 dollar (prices differ for each nationality) with the quick procedure. Since we want to be home at the end of Oktober and because of the first of Oktober holiday, we decided to spare ourselves the arrangment of another visa for Mongolia. A very quick stop in Mongolia (desert trips are too cold this time of year and Ulan Bator does not seem to be that interesting) and the additional costs for the visa did not seem worth the hassle, so we decided to take the Trans Manchurian Express around Mongolia.

In the afternoon we arranged our trainticket to Irkutsk. In Beijing they are not allowed to sell Russian traintickets so the rest of the trip we have to arrange in Irkutsk. They tried to sell us the Deluxe tickets, since the hardsleepers were sold out, but in the end the really nice lady at BTG came with a solution, for the same amount of money as the ticket to Irkutsk, she arranged a hardsleeper trainticket one station futher than Irkutsk. We plan to stay in Irkutsk for three days and than take the train to Moscow where we will also spend a few days and then to St. Petersburg where after a few days we will take the train to Helsinki and then the boat to Rostock Germany and then the train back to the Netherlands.

A few people from our Tibet group have also arrived in Beijing and we have had diner in the evening with Michael and Marie-Laure and yesterday evening Tom also joined us. Before we will get on the train this evening towards Russia we will have a final diner with the five of us.

Thursday we walked around on the Tianamen Square, which already shows a lot of signs of the Olympic games which will be held in China next year and we wandered around the Forbidden City for a few hours. In the evening we enjoyed our visit to the Chinese Theatre, with all kind of different acts, like Folkmusic, Opera, juggling with a vase, Kong Fu, Shadow play and cabaret, although we did not really understand much of the latter, since our Chinese needs a lot of practising ;) .

Yesterday we climbed the Great Wall, so we can check our fifth worldwonder on our list aswell :) , still two to go. Edvar is now busy trying to upload some pictures on our website, but since he can not see them, do not blame him if the text below the picture does not correspond ;) . The pics are until Lhasa, the rest will follow another time. Untill the next update!

Potala Palace Lhasa       Monk

5 Responses to “Who persists will conquer, Russia here we come!”

  1. hans en erna wrote:

    Hallo Edvar en Daniëlle
    Nou dat heeft heel wat voeten in die chinese aarde gehad, om alle “papieren”voorelkaar te krijgen…..maar het is gelukt….volhouders hè!!!!
    hartelijk dank voor jullie mooie kaart, is op 26 sept. aangekomen.
    echt wel……. we genieten nog steeds van de interessante reisverslagen en de prachtige foto’s
    we wensen jullie een heel goede 70 uur durende reis naar Irkutsk en vervolgens naar Moskou.
    heb het goed en houd het goed met elkaar
    hartelijke groeten Hans en Erna

  2. tsjerk en annegien veenstra wrote:

    Hallo Edvar en Danielle,
    We volgen jullie vrij geregeld en hebben ontzag voor jullie ondernemingsgeest en energie. Weer thuis zou je een handige handleiding voor wereldreizigers kunnen maken.
    Als jullie thuis komen, zijn Maarten en Wilma inmiddels verhuisd; dat moet een vreemde gewaarwording zijn.
    Dat jullie het volhouden steeds zo’n uitvoerige website te vullen is op zich al bijzonder. Nog veel plezier het laatste loodje en tot ziens,
    Annegien en Tsjerk, Burgum

  3. rudi wrote:

    vinden jullie het goed als ik de informatie over het krijgen van een russisch visum en een treinkaartje voor de trans manchurei (deels) gebruik in een artikeltje op een reiswebsite voor backpackers?
    ik schrijf namelijk voor en krijg daar regelmatig de vraag hoe je dit vanuit china kan regelen. ik heb al een heel verhaal over de trans-mongolie expres vanuit nederland maar mis nog goede info over vanuit china.

    groetjes rudi

  4. claudy en marc wrote:

    Hoi Edvar en Danielle,

    Nog een paar weekjes en dan hoef je (voorlopig) geen reizen meer te plannen. Geniet er nog maar even van. Over een paar weekjes zitten jullie weer in Nederland. Ook wel weer leuk he. Dan hoeven we niet meer op foto’s te bekijken hoe het met jullie gaat, maar kunnen we jullie weer in het echie zien.
    Tot gauw.
    Groetjes Marc en Claudy

  5. Russian Visa wrote:

    Your article is much more informatics for all of the visitor or tourist. I am very happy to read it. This is really very nice. Thank you for it. :lol:

The planning of the last part of our trip around the world!

Wednesday October 3rd, 2007 by Daniëlle

Yep, the end of our trip around the world is getting nearer and if everything goes according to the schedule below we will be home on October the 20th! At this moment we are in Irkutsk, Russia. We managed to arrange our train ticket towards Moscow, but we have to arrange the other tickets on the way in the specific cities, so if something goes wrong, we will let you know.


  • Friday October the 5th train to Moscow
  • Monday October the 8th until October 12th Moscow
  • Friday October the 12th train to Saint Petersburg
  • Saturday October the 13th until October the 17th Saint Petersburg
  • Wednesday October the 17th train to Helsinki, Finland
  • Thursday October the 18th boat to Rostock, Germany
  • Saturday October the 20th train through Hannover to Deventer, arrival time 17:42

Sorry brother and sister in law and little nephew Sven, it seems we will have to miss eachother for another month, sob…… :(

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  1. Hein wrote:

    Alvast welkom terug in dit regenachtige landje. Geniet nog van het laatste restje reis!

  2. Silvia Smal Faverey wrote:

    Edvar en Danielle,

    Geniet er nog maar dubbel en dwars van!
    Heel veel plezier.


  3. Anja wrote:

    Jemig, wat gaat dat snel hè zo’n reis? Geniet nog even lekker van de laatste maand en tja…tot snel!

  4. Agata en Dion wrote:

    Wat vliegt de tijd !
    Veel fun dit laatste deel van jullie reis.
    Gr. uit Deventer.

  5. Natalja Marcuk wrote:

    Hei you Russians,

    I envy you guys again :-) ?! Being born in USSR I have never been to Irkutsk! Enjoy! be carefull what you eat and here follows some russian words:
    - spasibo - dank-je/u
    - menija zovyt - ik heet …
    - my xotim kushat - wij hebben honger :-)
    - do svidanja - tot ziens :-)

    greetings from Ukrainian one :-)
    eat some nice peljmeni (raviolli) and don’t drink toooooo much vodka

  6. lorenzo e ricardo wrote:

    what a beautiful trip ! we envy to you.
    we would want to be to your place. better still with you.
    big emabraces and a kiss !!

    ciao !

    lorenzo e ricardo

  7. Moniek en Rob wrote:

    Bijna thuis!!!! Ik weet niet of jullie dat ook zo fijn vinden, maar wij wel. Het lijkt mij dat als je na zo’n lange tijd de reis richting huis hebt ingezet, je ook wel erg graag thuis wilt zijn en iedereen weer wil zien. Maar, geniet nog lekker van de laatste week. Een hele fijne terugreis zonder vertragingen gewenst en we zien jullie snel!

    Rob, Moniek en Lisanne

  8. Anja en Freek wrote:

    Hey Bikkels!

    Jemig, nog een paar daagjes en dan zijn jullie weer back in town. Kunnen jullie nog wel Nederlands? ;-)
    Geniet nog ff van de laatste indrukken en schiet nog wat rolletjes vol!

    Tot gauw!

    Anja en Freek

  9. Björn wrote:

    Hoi Edvar en Danielle,

    Wat een reis zeg! Jullie zullen er wel van moeten uitrusten……. :-)
    Een paar mooie laatste dagen in ieder geval.


  10. Jeroen wrote:

    Hallo Edvar en Daniëlle,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag, Edvar. Nog een paar dagen genieten en dan zien jullie je familie en vrienden weer. Tot ziens.


Our first impression of Russia

Friday October 5th, 2007 by Daniëlle

In Beijing we jumped on the train heading towards Irkutsk. Spending three days in the train, of which half day was spend waiting at the border with all the formalities at the Chinese and Russian border and with adjusting the wheels to the Russian tracks, so our train would not derail once on the Russian railwaysystem. We did not have to leave the train for the borderchecks and we were allowed to walk around the station of Zabaikalsk in Russia, while the wheels were adjusted on a piece of double track.

Beijing to Moscow

Funny is that we have often been mistaken to be Russian with our blond haircut. A load of Russian will be spoken to you, which is hard to stop and let alone to understand ;) . Most Russians do not seem to be able to speak any English and with the little bit of Russian we have available in the back of our Lonely Planet the communication remains difficult. But slowly we are starting to learn and with a friendly smile, even the most somewhat distant cold looking Russians seem to melt. In the streets no one seems to bother us either, which is nice for a change.

Translating the Cyrilic alphabet towards the Roman alphabet is also getting slowly easier, which makes it easier to understand/translate the words. Our first evening we spend staring at a Russian menu for an hour and eventually a friendly Polish guy, who spoke English and Russian, lent us a hand and we were able to get something to eat ;) .

The Russians are on average friendly people who are willing to help if you attempt to explain your needs in Russian. This is our first country where English does not seem to get us anywhere. The younger people sometimes speak a little English and are willing to help you with the translation of Russian.

Irkutsk is a nice little town, a little gloomy and worn out, but with very colourful little churches and old wooden houses. The traffic seems to pass you by at top speed and we have seen a lot of head tail collisions the past few days. Yesterday we went to the Baikal lake, but we did not have much luck with the weather. We even had the first wet snow. Therefore we spent most of our time in a bar trying to warm up again and watching the displayed DVDs of King Arthur, Braveheart and First Knight. Of course, in Russian …

Irkutsk       Lake Baikal

The food here is fine, we enjoyed a true Russian soup on our first night “Salyanka” and had filled pancakes yesterday called “Bliny”, Edvar with meat ”myasa” and for me with orange “apelsin”. Yesterday we also had Omul, the fish from the Baikal Lake.

Tonight we will take the train for another three days trip on our way to Moscow! Don’t forget to check the Photo Gallery: around 100 new pictures of China and the first part of the Trans-Manchurian Railway!

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  1. Jan en Ariena wrote:

    He lieve Edvar en Danielle,

    Nu gaat het toch wel weer snel, volgende week zaterdag weer op de nederlandse bodem. Dit zal raar denk ik toch wel even raar zijn.
    Jan en ik zijn in ieder geval blij dat jullie er weer zijn en dat we jullie in levende lijven mogen knuffelen. Ik denk meer met ons, hahaha.
    Geniet nog even van de mooie dagen en van elkaar. Voorzichtig zijn, ook de terug reis.

    Hier gaat alles goed. Ik ben druk aan het solliciteren. Heb morgen mijn 2e gesprek bij de Rederij in Groningen. Verder ben ik bezig met de introductiecursus makelaardij. Paardrijden gaat ook heel goed. Wordt steeds beter, echt leuk. Vertel ik alles over alles jullie terug zijn. Met jan gaat alles ook goed. De zaak loopt goed en verder heeft hij het druk met voetballen, badmintonen, vergaderingen.
    Dikke kus en knuffel van Jan en Ariena en Inoca (poes)

Moscow and Saint Petersburg, enjoying the culture and very cold!

Monday October 15th, 2007 by Daniëlle

The end of our trip is approaching and yet we can not help ourselves to give you a quick update of our last adventures. The journey with the train from Irkutsk to Moscow went quick and smoothly with our fellow traveller Sasha an old Russian, who did not speak any English, but with hands and feet we managed to exchange our food and made an attempt to communicate with eachother.


When we arrived in Moscow the hostel we wanted to stay in seemed to have vanished. Lucky for us a kind Russian man helped us with an address of a second hostel. Since it was already late we considered to stay a night in the Holiday Inn, but 350 euros for a night was a little bit too much. In the end we managed to get to the second hostel by metro and decided to stay here for 81 euros per night, yes we were a little shocked with these prices as budget travellers ;) .

The prices of hostels/hotels in Moscow are really rediculously high, but it seems you will not be able to get a room cheaper than 81 euros per night. The hostels are a little bit strange in Russia, located in a district away from the city centre and not really easy to find. The hostels are not particularly cozy and the personnel is not really friendly either. Somehow it seems that the Russians are either very friendly or really rude. Maybe talking English or trying to communicate with hands and feet is kind of frightning/unfamiliar/unwilling to them.

Russia does not really seem to be into tourism yet. Even at very touristic attractions finding some explanations in English is a difficult task. Sometimes you see a very large explanation in Russian and the English translation then consists of just two lines ;) . In seems that the closer you get to the border of the other European countries that more Russians are able to speak English. Saint Petersburg definetely inhabits more English-speaking Russians than Moscow.

In Moscow we wandered around the town admiring a lot of very nice buildings and churches. Both Moscow and Saint Petersburg have a unique charisma, both cities are really worthwhile for a long weekend trip. The temperature is really cold here, so we decided to dig up our gloves and shawls from the bottom of our backpacks.

In Moscow we visited the Kremlin, which was oke but not really amazing. St. Basils Church has a nice appearance, a little bit like a Disney castle. We also paid Lenin a visit in his Mausoleum on the Red Square. Now we have seen all three in history important communist leaders during our trip around the world (Ho Chi Minh, Mao and Lenin).


We also spent quite a few hours on the internet searching for new houses and jobs. The first job interviews have been planned for the both of us. I decided to buy myself a new suit in Moscow and might pay a visit to the hairdresser in Helsinki so I will have a nice appearance for the job interviews.

We also attempted to spot some Ferraris, but it seems that Beemers, Mercedeses (incl. Maybachs), SUV’s or Limo’s (in all colours and sorts) are more hip in Russia. Luckily for Edvar we were able to admire a Lamborghini Gallardo driving by, his new twin brother from Germany (the Audi R8) and we also saw two Ferraris at the Ferrari dealer in Moscow ;) .

Limo       St Petersburg

After a night in the train we arrived safely in Saint Petersburg, where we wandered around the town and admired the mosaics of the Church of Christ the Redeemer (The Church of the Saviour on Spilled Blood). Tomorrow we will visit the Hermitage and Wednesday morning we will catch an early train towards Helsinki!

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  1. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    He kanjers,

    Het einde is in zicht en zo te lezen zijn jullie ook al weer volop bezig met het leven in Nederland. Geniet nog even van de laatste dagen!

    Hier gaat alles goed. de kleine meid slaapt door, maakt geluidjes, kan lachen en begint voorzichtig te grijpen. Jammer genoeg heeft ze regelmatig uitslag van de voeding. We kijken het nog even aan en anders maar even langs de dokter. Ze heeft haar eerste nachtje logeren achter de rug. Hahaha met haar nijntje koffertje is ging madam op naar opa en oma.

    Voor mij komt het einde van mijn verlof in zicht. Aan de ene kant wel lekker maar aan de andere kant heb ik er niet zo’n zin in. Ach we zien wel. misschien een beetje laat maar ik ben voorzichtig ook weer begonnen met om me heen te kijken naar andere banen. Ik ben er gewoon nog niet uit wat ik moet doen.

    Gerben heeft het onwijs druk op zijn werk. Daarnaast klust hij aan de laatste dingen in huis. Jaja Dominique heeft nu eindelijk een deur in haar slaapkamer, ik slaap gelijk een stuk beter.

    Al met al we blijven lekker hobbelen..

    Als we elkaar niet meer spreken wensen jullie alvast een goede terugreis, wel thuis en veel succes met de geplande gesprekken (in de buurt van zwolle mag ik hopen hihi)

    liefs juger en een onwijs mooie glimlach van Dominique

  2. hans en erna wrote:

    Hallo Edvar en Daniëlle.

    Ja, jullie reis zit er bijna op. ……..heel hartelijk dank voor jullie reisverslagen en foto’s,…. we hebben er heel erg van genoten.
    Edvar….. alvast happy bitrhday to you……je hoort ons toch wel zingen hé…..
    en op deze leeftijd ben je echt wel “wereld-wijs”geworden dachten we zo.
    we wensen je samen met Daniëlle een heel gezond en spannend nieuw levensjaar toe.
    Geniet nog van jullie laatste reisdagen en dan…. een heel gezellige thuiskomst gewenst op 20 oktober…
    hartelijke groeten en houd jullie goed
    Hans en Erna

  3. Jan en Ariena wrote:

    Hoi Edvar en Danielle,

    Edvar ben je vandaag jarig. Van harte gefeliciteerd. Ik heb je nog niet op de kalender, maar volgend jaar zeker.

    Wat goed zeg, dat je al gesprekken hebt. Super. Geniet van jullie laatste dagen.
    Hier alles oke. Liefs Jan en Ariena

  4. Carbon McCoy wrote:

    Hello, Edvar…!

    While I have not commented in some time, I’ve been keeping tabs on your journey. It seems like you and Danielle are having a really great time, and really experiencing the world. I’m happy for you, and so glad that you continue to update this site so that the rest of us can experiencing these things vicariously through you. I look forward to more updates.


  5. Marieke wrote:

    He luitjes!

    Kan nog niet geloven dat we elkaar na een klein weekje weer zullen zien. Wat zullen jullie veel te vertellen hebben! Tot het zover is, heel heel heel veel plezier nog gewenst voor deze laatste dagen. De dikke knuffel laat ik nu achterwege want die mogen jullie volgende week persoonlijk in ontvangst komen nemen!

    Liefs Marieke (en natuurlijk ook van Bas)

  6. Marieke wrote:

    He Edvar,

    Volgens onze verjaardagskalender ben je vandaag jarig. Dus bij deze van harte gefeliciteerd!!!!! Maak er een spetterende dag van en tot gauw.

    Groetjes Bas en Marieke

    p.s. zie in de andere reacties trouwens de 15e als jouw verjaardag staan. Aangezien ik nu dus twijfel heb ik even een mailtje van Daan erbij gezocht en zij heeft toch echt de 17e als jouw verjaardag gemaild. Hoop dus dat de 17e klopt want anders kunnen Sandra en Michiel blijven rekenen voor hun huwelijkscadeau……..

Unluckily there was no more accomodation left……

Wednesday October 17th, 2007 by Daniëlle

Hello everybody, at the moment we are at the trainstation in Helsinki and all cheap hostels/hotels seem to have been fully booked, because of a soccergame, the autumn holidays and some congresses. So a slight change in plans, we will already take the ferry to Rostock tonight and therefore will arrive a day earlier in Germany, but Rostock is supposed to be a nice town aswell, so we will spend two nights overthere. So our arrival time will not change unless we have problems with our final trainticket ;) . See you Saturday!!!

P.S. Indeed today 17th October is Edvar’s birthday, hip hip hoeree!!!

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  1. Silvia Smal Faverey wrote:

    Hieper de piep Hoera!!

    Gefeliciteerd Edvar, geniet van de taart (dat is nog een hele uitdaging, Danielle!).
    Fijne dag,


  2. Hein wrote:

    En op het station tukken is zeker geen optie in het koude helsinki?
    Mooi verjaarskado! ;-)

  3. Anja en Roel wrote:

    Edvar, van harte gefeliciteerd. Dat jullie er een aangename dag van mogen maken. Zal wel lukken met die (ijs) taart.

    Anja en Roel

  4. Yvo wrote:


    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je nieuwe levensjaar , geniet ze!



  5. aus en frank wrote:

    hoi hoi,

    Edvar, van harte gefeliciteerd!! Drink er een lekker biertje op!!
    Nog veel plezier tijdens de laatste daagjes van jullie fantastische wereldreis,

    Frank, Aus en Lynn

  6. wan man wrote:

    Hey Dertiger!

    Van harte gefeliciteerd!!!

    “Viel spass mit deim geburtstag in Rostock.” :-)

    gr. Wan

  7. Vincent wrote:

    Hoi Edvar,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Veel plezier daar (niet zo heel ver hiervan daan meer)



  8. Julius wrote:

    Hooooray guys, happy birthday Edvar.I looked like you have made it.
    I like Helsinki especially their transportation system and all the tourist attraction like The rock church, and Sibelius statue etc,
    All is well with us here in the Pacific Northwest nothing else other than cold, rain and wind,
    Take care


  9. claudy en marc wrote:

    Hoi Edvar,
    Iets te laat, maar alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Geniet van jullie laatste daagjes op wereldreis.
    Groetjes Marc en Claudy

  10. Judith en Gerben wrote:

    He kanjers

    een dagje te laat maar van harte geleficiteerd Edvar!

    liefs juger en een onwijs mooie glimlach van dominique

  11. Jan en Ariena wrote:

    He Edvar,

    Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag. Ook 1 dag te laat, maar
    toch een dikke kus van mij en omhelsing van Jan.

    Geniet nog van de laatste dagen.
    Liefs Jan en Ariena

  12. Olivier wrote:

    Congrats Edvar for your wonderful worldwide trip.
    What a good and courageous idea that you realized here with your fiancee !!!
    And happy birthday (late !)

    My best regards

    Olivier, from France

Home sweet home!

Sunday October 28th, 2007 by edvar

We’re back in The Netherlands, safe and well, but we still would like to tell you about the last days of our trip around the world and about the first days here in The Netherlands.

In Saint Petersburg we visited the Hermitage, one of the most famous museums in the world. After a while you will get an overkill on art, but it’s still a very impressive museum with beautiful halls and nice pieces of art, including paintings of Dutch artists like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Art lovers: add Saint Petersburg to your list!


From Saint Petersburg we took the train to Helsinki in Finland, where we spent a few hours “high-speed sightseeing” before we took the boat to Rostock in Germany, as you may have read in our last message. The 24 hours on the boat were a bit boring (the boat was almost empty), the “seats” to sleep in are not recommended, but on the other hand, 350 euro for a cabin is a bit too expensive for budget travellers like us ;)

In Rostock we quickly found a nice hostel and the next day we spent walking around this nice old Hanseatic town and also in Warnemunde, a small town close to Rostock, with a nice harbour and some lighthouses (check the Photo Gallery for the last pictures!).


On Saturday October 20th, exactly according to our schedule, we went by train from Hannover to Deventer, where a large group of family and friends was waiting for us at the train station, with things like Dutch flags, flowers and a basket full of nice Dutch delicacies. We really liked this “welcoming party”, so THANKS A LOT!!! :) :lol: :cool:

Our first week in The Netherlands was mainly focussed on the search for a job and a house. Daniëlle already had two job interviews at some recruitment agencies, but my (yes, this time it’s Edvar! ;) ) appointments were shifted to next week, when I have a total of five job interviews!

Thanks to Jarno (Daniëlle’s brother) and Marion, we can spend the next few weeks in their home in Zwolle, as they are enjoying a nice holiday in Australia. But as we can’t stay here forever, we searched for a nice rental apartment and succeeded: from November 1st, our address will be:

Edvar van Daalen & Daniëlle Horenberg
M.C. Escherweg 13
7425 RH Deventer
The Netherlands
Mobile Phone: +31 (0)6 49485176

M.C. Escherweg

Of course, we will keep you updated about our adventures, also here in The Netherlands!

7 Responses to “Home sweet home!”

  1. Agata en Dion wrote:

    Welkom thuis en gefeliciteerd met jullie nieuwe woning !

    Mochten jullie hulp nodig hebben :…helaas we zitten even in Dubai…
    Maar 2e wk november weer thuis, dus de koffie staat klaar, bel maar als je tijd/zin hebt : 0613587609 (na 6 nov)

  2. Marieken wrote:

    Heeee lieve mensen! Gefeliciteerd met jullie nieuwe plekkie, en fijn dat het in Deventer is…Mochten jullie hulp nodig hebben, ik zit niet in Dubai, grinnn. Dus laat maar weten, dan kom ik graag helpen, mooie gelegenheid om weer ff bij te kletsen! Ook succes met de sollicitaties, wij zitten er nu ook midden in, al dan niet vrijwillig, helaas, maar dat mag de rest van de pret niet drukken!

    Kus van Marieken en ook veel liefs van Steven en Janne.

  3. Kim & Citra Haley wrote:

    Welcome back to civilisation you guys - so glad you are safe! And the big question - are you ready to do it again yet!!

    Love from Kim & Citra.

  4. Rik Jan wrote:

    Welkom thuis idd, ik nog in Kathmandu, vlieg 5 november weer terug naar la france, eind november zal ik nog een paar dagen in nederland vertoeven, misschien dat ik een aan kan wippen in Deventer, iig zal ik wel even een keer bellen! Hoe is de boterham met pindakaas? Ik smacht er ondertussen naar…

    Groetjes RJ

  5. wan man wrote:

    Hey Edvar en Danielle!

    Welkom in Nederland. Met het ingaan van de wintertijd hebben jullie nog een uurtje extra van het weekend kunnen genieten. :-)

    Knap, dat jullie al zo snel de draad weer oppakken. Of hebben jullie ook al een beetje stiekem uitgekeken om naar het werk te gaan? :-)

    Ik zit nog af en toe in Deventer. Dus als jullie hulp nodig hebben bij het klussen laat het even weten.

    Laten we nog een keer afspreken samen met Vincent en Arvid, dan trakteer ik op het bier!!!!! (feestje voor de dertigers onder ons)

    gr. Wan

  6. Erna wrote:

    Welkom thuis en succes met het wennen. Jeetje wat zijn jullie meteen snel op zoek naar werk enzo. Bij mij heeft dat minimaal 2 maanden geduurd en bij mijn reisgenootje zelfs 5 maanden. En meer vanwege de druk van vrienden en familie ga je dan toch maar een serieuzer zoeken naar werk, en ik wilde uiteindelijk ook wel weer werken.
    Wat een super reis hebben jullie gemaakt. Heb regelmatig meegelezen en was natuurlijk strontjaloers. Zou het liefste weer zo’n reis maken.

    Gefeliciteerd ook met jullie trouwplannen. Veel plezier met de voorbereiding.
    Groetjes Erna

  7. Rudi wrote:

    alweer thuis?!? wat gaat de tijd toch snel

    ik wilde jullie eventjes fijne dagen wensen

    groetjes vanuit Borneo

       Einde ...